The decoration has to pay attention to the nine taboos of Feng Shui

Home decoration feng shui taboo 1: If the balcony is facing the door or the kitchen, the curtain can be pulled up for a long time as a block. The position of the entrance door should not be facing the balcony. This forms the so-called "through heart."

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Home decoration feng shui taboo 2: The balcony can not be right on the kitchen, which is also a kind of "wearing heart." The balcony may not be directly facing the kitchen. This is also a kind of "heart-breaking." It will make the family's reunion function weaken. Her husband will have an affair, the wife will have a wall, and the child will not love to go home.

Home Furnishing feng shui taboo three: home planting plants should be selected broad leaves of the plant, avoid the selection of cactus and thin leaves, prone to oral tongue disputes. Do not plant plants with slender leaves so that the owner is prone to tongue conflicts. Plants of ferns and pulau trees are best not to be planted. Such plants are overcast and if they are long and luxuriant, they can easily provoke something "not clean."

Home decoration feng shui taboo four: the table should not get some protruding, in addition to the interior of the building, the appearance of the decoration is also important. Some people have made a number of prominent objects such as human heads on the roof of the house, and they look like tumors on the exterior of the house. This kind of imagery with a bad exterior is also something that should be avoided in home feng shui.

Home decoration feng shui taboo 5: If the couch is placed under the beams, the ceiling can be decorated to block the power of its rush. The couch and the bed cannot be placed under the beam. For a long time, people who use the couch and the bed for a long time are prone to illness.

Home decoration feng shui taboo six: hit bogey, home can not put fish tank. Those who hit the water are not allowed to put fish tanks in their homes. They are not known to the outside world, as long as they put fish tanks to get rich. The resident's five elements must be clear and have special taboos, which should be avoided at home.

Home decoration feng shui taboo seven: the coffin of the shelter can be made into a curved, to avoid the arrow. The coveted ceiling of the shelter canopy is not arrow-shaped, which is detrimental to those who often come in and out of the balcony.

Home decoration feng shui taboo eight: The toilet's office in the home feng shui is very important, if the flat of the house is divided into nine, is located in the middle of the house "" palace "", the location of the home toilet can not be in "" The palace "", the so-called "took the palace in the palace", is not good for the family's wealth and family.

Home decoration feng shui taboo nine: do not install any mirror in the home, so as not to damage the indoor magnetic field. Sometimes the interior is used to show the effect of extension, and it is preferred to use a mirror to decorate it. However, it is better not to install a large-surfaced mirror in the bedroom, and the magnetic field in which the self-centered person is present will be disturbed by reflection.

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