Create cool home light decoration knowledge recommended

In summer, the family has become a harbor for summer vacation. Hiding home in the summer, in addition to opening the air-conditioning, has not thought about creating a refreshing home to eliminate boredom from the summer heat. The fresh air of the wilderness, the fragrance of the flowers, the green tenderness of the green leaves, and the exuberance of the fruit are the new themes of this summer home. Qi Jia Xiao Bian tailored your family's summer cool home series for your home, creating a fresh feeling and letting our summer flies even more gorgeous.

1. Use "light decoration" principle in small space

Small rooms are full of cabinets, but they also reduce the space for living. Instead, it's better to use the decorating money to buy some better furniture. The so-called "light decoration" concept of decoration advocates: Under a limited budget, the practical function of the home space should be the furniture decoration is the primary focus of the decoration, as the decoration of the heaven, earth and the wall is a supporting role of space decoration. The small space reduces the fixed and heavy decoration, and the space is moved out, so that people can live at ease.

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2. The smallest and most refined furniture manufacturing

Small space should be carefully selected with exquisite furniture. The bigger the furniture, the more it is contained (but not necessarily the more clever it is), but the less people have relative activities, the heavier the furniture is, the bigger the body is, and the more flexible it is. The smaller the possibilities are, the more miscellaneous the furniture is and the less able it is to express its unique beauty.

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