Cleverly circumventing floor puzzles

How to choose wood flooring? For the choice of wood floor, in addition to looking at their favorite types, materials and patterns, colors and so on. In addition to these should also pay attention to use and practical aspects, the wear resistance of the floor, water resistance, etc. should be taken into account as a factor. If there is a quality problem on the floor, this can be done through legal means and the evidence can be preserved. Specifically, it is simple to master these seven principles:


1. Strengthen the wood floor to buy a certain well-known enterprise products. The product must have the inspection report of the national authoritative department, and the product packaging must have complete identification.

2. Look at the wear resistance. Household floor wear-resisting rotations are usually more than 4,000 rpm, and usually more than 9000 rpm are used in public places. The decorative layer is resistant to light.

3. Check the formaldehyde release limit. The formaldehyde emission in laminate flooring is ≤1.5mg/L.

4. Look at the substrate density. The substrate density of laminate flooring should be 0.84-0.9/cm3. The smoke density is too low or too high to be suitable.

5. Look at water resistance. The index value is high, the water resistance is poor, and it is easy to cause dimensional changes in a wet environment. The water absorption thickness expansion rate should be ≤ 2.5%.

6. Look at the processing density. Observe whether the product is smooth and smooth, whether the tongue and groove are suitable or not, and should not be too loose or too tight.

7. Sales + pavement + warranty. "Buying" and "shopping" do not divide the family, reach the paving acceptance criteria, and have a complete after-sales service guarantee.

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