Novice decoration do not need to use simple methods to teach you how to read the decoration offer

With the advent of the best period of renovation, more and more owners began to decorate. The cost of renovation is always one of the issues that consumers are most concerned about. There are many home improvement companies on the market, and the difference in quotations is often very large. Many consumers have encountered this kind of confusion: In the same home improvement market, almost the same decoration content, why is there such a big difference in quotes? What exactly is going on? For most families who will be renovating, the quotations for the renovation projects are those they have never met before. For the quoted prices, they often do not know how to choose: is the higher the better? Or is it cheaper?

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Industry experts pointed out that at home furnishings price management, due to the influence of regional differences, the country currently does not have a uniform quotation standard, and some home improvement markets only list guidance prices for consumers' reference. However, due to the number of renovation projects and the amount of work is a direct factor affecting the entire decoration and construction costs, while the decoration company's size, qualifications, grades, management system, its fee standards are also different.

In general, in my opinion, the cost of decoration should include the following:

(1) Design fee, some decoration companies have already included this cost in the decoration costs.

(2) Main material costs, including wood panels, decorative panels, lines, hardware, paint, latex paint, etc.

(3) Auxiliary material fees,

(4) Manual fee: manual fee for woodwork, manual fee for tiler, salary for water and electricity, salary for painter, etc.

(5) Management fees and taxes. If it is a guerrilla, there is no such fee

What consumers need to pay attention to is not to simply select home improvement companies based on prices. Because so far there is still a decoration company to use the consumer's incompetence, play "flowers" on the quote phenomenon.

Here are some tips that I have summarized, which may help you in your decoration offer:

The quality of materials is one of the important factors that determine the price: Take wood board products, for example, there are four levels of wood board, look exactly the same from the outside, but the internal quality is very different, of course, the price is also divided For four prices: 63 yuan, 75 yuan, 90 yuan, 110 yuan. The grade you choose is different. Of course, the entire cost will be different.

Take wood lacquer for example. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 6,000 brand paints in the country, and the price ranges from 30-40 yuan/group to 500-600 yuan/group.

The advice given to you is to go to the market to find out about the product and the price before you talk about the price with the decoration company.

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