Five Tools to Exploit Market in Hardware Tools

Whether in the global tool market or the Chinese tool market, the application of manual tools has a wide range of applications and the demand exceeds imagination. Hand tools are also widely used in the automotive maintenance industry. The rapid increase in car ownership in the past two years has led to an increase in the automotive aftermarket, especially in the automotive maintenance market. According to the data, in terms of China’s vehicle ownership, it has exceeded 35 million vehicles, of which private cars have exceeded 18 million, and new cars in the last 4 years accounted for 60% of them.

Under normal circumstances, the automobile after-sales service is the largest in the market between 4 and 9 years of vehicle use. According to the prevailing view in the world, the profit generated by the automobile aftermarket is about 7:3 compared with the relative pre-market. In the entire automotive industry chain, the profits generated by the post-market are at least more than double that of the pre-market. From the point of view of sales profits, 50% to 60% of profits in mature foreign auto markets are generated in the service sector. After China's auto service market will be a geometric blowout, according to the deduction of 2011 market size will reach more than 35 billion yuan. The global demand for manual tools will also greatly increase. Demand for hand tools in some developed countries will increase at a rate of more than 10% per year. Luo Baihui, head of the International Mould, Hardware and Plastics Industry Suppliers Association, said that in face of the fast-growing market, China's hardware industry should seize opportunities, clarify development priorities, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, and strengthen independent innovation, especially technological innovation, by strengthening enterprises. Its own strength; two markets simultaneously, establish channels, promote and maintain brand, do a good job inside and outside, in the increasingly fierce market competition and rapid growth in the market, quickly occupy or expand market share.

1. Make clear the key points for development and promote the upgrading of industrial structure. Develop electric tools, hand tools, measuring tools, distance meters, pneumatic tools, garden tools, and desktop tools. Focus on the development of high-end and sophisticated combination tools, car tools, and architectural hardware. Kitchen appliances and other products accelerate the formation of multi-species, multi-species, serialized core technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights.

2. Combining production, learning and research, and enhancing the ability of independent innovation. Accelerate the establishment of a technological innovation system in which enterprises are the mainstay and a combination of production, education and research. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, a number of major technological innovation projects were implemented to encourage and help enterprises to strive for national and provincial key technological innovations and industrialization projects of scientific and technological achievements.

3. Establishing channels and brand promotion With good products and quality assurance, it is particularly important to carry out proper brand promotion. You can establish your own sales channels in China, and promote through the agents, and you can also communicate with the media. There are many ways to promote cooperation, etc. This requires companies to dig out the right ways through their own efforts. Another is after-sale protection. The after-sales service of domestic enterprises is not in place, or basically there is no after-sales service, which has become a major weakness for us. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, if domestic companies do not attach importance to this, it will affect their long-term development, and good service is also a top priority.

4. Both foreign and domestic sales are combined. Both companies are actively involved in both domestic and international sales in the context of strengthening independent innovation and creating their own brands. Walking on two legs and two markets simultaneously. At the same time as OEM production, it will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry, improve the quality, and create independent brands and brand names, which will play an important role in promoting exports. The two markets will help each other to contribute to the stable and sustainable development of the company.

5. The continuous introduction of the national policy of benefiting the countryside through building materials to the countryside and urban and rural areas will stimulate the sustainable development of rural construction. The rural terminal market will be an important piece in the future development of related hardware companies.

In 2010, the Central Document No. 1 “** Several Opinions of the Central Government and the State Council on Increasing the Co-ordination between Urban and Rural Development and Further Consolidating the Foundations of Agricultural and Rural Development” pointed out: “Stressing the infrastructure for strengthening agriculture and rural areas and establishing and improving the socialization of agricultural services. The system will vigorously strengthen rural grass-roots organizations with party organizations as their core, lay a solid foundation for agricultural and rural development, coordinate the promotion of industrialization, urbanization, and agricultural modernization, and strive to create a new pattern of integration of urban and rural economic and social development.” It is a clear requirement.” We will improve the policy system of strong peasants and farmers, promote the allocation of resource elements to rural areas, actively direct social resources to agriculture and rural areas, and vigorously develop rural markets."

After the “Home Appliances Going to the Countryside” and “Automobiles to the Countryside,” the Central Government has also proposed to seize the opportunity for the rapid growth of rural housing construction and abundant supply of building materials, and to support farmers’ housing construction as a major measure to expand domestic demand and take effective measures. Promote “building materials to the countryside” and encourage farmers to build self-use housing in accordance with regulations.

With the continuous attack of the country's relevant agricultural policies, not only the emphasis on agricultural development and increase farmers' income, but also related to supporting hardware products to open up a new consumer market. Luo Baihui, head of the International Mould, Hardware and Plastics Industry Suppliers Association, said that the construction of rural infrastructure projects, the development of agriculture, and the integration of urban and rural areas will also bring about greater consumer markets for related hardware and related products. Hardware companies should closely monitor this. Concern, early planning, careful layout, take the lead in the game of grabbing the rural market.

Infrastructural projects: Promoting the development of hardware tools The state's preferential agricultural policies have opened up new consumer markets for some agricultural equipment manufacturing industries that are committed to rural infrastructure. The construction of rural basic projects and the development of agriculture will surely bring about a greater consumer market for supporting hardware. Hardware companies can use this to build new consumer markets. It can be said that rural infrastructure projects will further promote the development of hardware tools to open up larger markets.

China is a big country in agriculture. In recent years, with the follow-up of the process of agricultural modernization, agricultural machinery has also experienced new development and it is necessary to better match the machinery and equipment of the rural market. These policies will bring benefits to the hardware and other industries. The input of agricultural production tools can have a stimulating effect on the hardware industry. The iron and steel industry can also use this to digest the inventory, and the refractory manufacturers attached to steel production can also benefit.

With the "backflow" of migrant workers brought about by the financial crisis, agriculture will have greater development. The development of agricultural production such as sowing, farming, harvesting, and sieving of grain will also result in the consumption of corresponding production hardware tools such as shovels, hoes and trowels. In the traditional agricultural sector, agricultural tools will continue to be favored, including mechanized equipment and manual hardware tools. Garden hardware tools are also quite popular among farmers in the forests in the mountains. Of course, civil and wood tools are also more promising. Such products are suitable for the needs of rural civil workers. The most worthwhile thing to mention is of course to repair and maintain all kinds of hardware tools. Now.

With the deepening of Huinong’s policy, the rural infrastructure construction project will be further developed. Road construction and civil construction will bring a greater consumer market for supporting hardware. The hardware industry can learn from the home appliance industry’s marketing methods of home appliances to the countryside to open up new consumption. market. According to the features of the hardware industry, new consumer markets have been opened up. For example, the construction of rural infrastructure will inevitably increase the use of construction hardware, and will inevitably increase the demand for construction hardware. Faced with some domestic policies related to domestic demand, hardware companies should establish new consumer markets in due course.

Many companies in the hardware and tool industry have faced the huge business opportunities in the rural market. Have they accumulated the customers of the downstream companies that manufacture these tools and have they built suitable products for them?

New Rural Construction: New Opportunities for the Development of Doors and Windows Hardware For many large-scale doors and windows enterprises, the city is still their main battlefield. At present, there are still plenty of room for development in the city for middle and high-end routes, and their products cannot be complete. To meet the needs of the rural market, Luo Baihui believes that going to the countryside is not optimistic for many first-line doors and windows companies.

The "building materials to the countryside" into the marketing strategy.

With the popularization of new rural construction and urbanization construction, there will be a huge gap in demand for building materials. Rural areas are the last of the building materials industry and the biggest business opportunity.