Some points to pay attention to when purchasing electric wires

Nowadays, there are many kinds of electric wires on the market, and people do not know how to choose. Because the manufacturing process of wire manufacturing is relatively simple and the capital investment is not very large, many manufacturers are producing wire products. So, how to choose good quality in many kinds of electric wires? Here are some brief introductions.

Sunshine Hardware (Panda wire)

1) Appearance: Approved products have a flexible (sheath) layer with flexibility, flexibility and flexibility. The surface layer is dense, smooth, and free from roughness, and has a pure gloss.

2) The surface of the insulation (sheath) layer should have a clear and rub-resistant mark: Products made of non-formal insulation materials will have a transparent feel, brittleness, and no toughness.

3) Look at the insulation layer: The national standard has the thinnest point of the uniformity of the wire insulation layer, and the average thickness has clear data regulations. The normal wire insulation has a uniform thickness, is not eccentric, and is tightly packed on the conductor.

4) Look at the certificate: The standard product certificate should be marked with the manufacturer's name, address, after-sales service phone, model number, size structure, nominal cross-section (that is to say usually 2.5 square, 4 square wire, etc.), rated voltage (single Core wire 450/750V, two-core protection sleeve wire 300/500V), length (national standard length is 100M±0.5M), inspection staff number, manufacturing date and the national standard number or certification mark of the product.

5) Specially pointed out that the commonly used single-core copper plastic wire marked by the regular product is model 227 IEC01 (BV), not BV, please be aware of it.

6) Look at the core: Pure core copper material is used to produce and undergo stringent drawing, annealing (softening), twisted wire cores. The surface should be bright, smooth, free of burrs, flat and compact, flexible and tough, and not easily broken.

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