Various ceiling materials purchase points

Suspended ceiling refers to the top decoration of the housing living environment. Simply put, it refers to the decoration of the ceiling, which is an important part of the interior decoration.

Material classification <br> ceiling ceiling decoration material is mainly based on the name to distinguish smallpox, are: metal frame ceiling gypsum board, gypsum board ceilings, ceiling plywood, aluminum buckle smallpox profiled strip, square lacquered aluminum buckle ceiling panels, ceiling stained glass, aluminum honeycomb perforated acoustic ceiling panels and the like. For ceilings made of aluminum gussets, we usually call it "aluminum gusset ceilings".

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<br> metal frame ceiling gypsum board is gypsum board plaster as the main raw material with additives and fiber, a lightweight, heat insulating, sound-absorbing, non-combustible and can be cut and other properties. Gypsum board and light steel keel (pressed by galvanized sheet steel) combined to form a light steel keel gypsum board. Light steel keel gypsum board ceilings have a variety of types, including gypsum board, decorative gypsum board, fiber gypsum board, hollow gypsum board strips. There are many specifications available on the market. From the current point of view, the use of light steel keel plaster ceilings as a partition wall is used to make smallpox.
Gypsum board ceilings are widely used in commercial spaces, and are generally used 600x600 (mm, the length of the unit is not specified in the project, their units are mm) specifications, with the distinction of the clear bone and dark bone. Keel often uses aluminum or iron.
Splint ceilings are commonly used for renovations. The plywood (also called plywood) is made by steaming and softening the logs, cutting large sheets along the annual rings, and drying, arranging, gluing, forming, hot pressing, and sawing. With light material, high strength, good elasticity and toughness, impact resistance and vibration. Easy processing and finishing, insulation and other advantages. Doing ceilings generally use 5 PCT splints. 3% is too thin and easy to arch, 9% too thick. The reason for its popularity is that it can easily create a variety of modeling ceilings, including curved, round, and square. But there is a drawback: afraid of termites. The remedy is to spray termite-resistant potions. When the splint ceiling paint is used for some time, it may be lost. The method is to paint the varnish (varnish) before the decoration, and then do another process after it is dried. Another drawback of the splint is that the interface will crack. The method is to use the atomic ash to make up the interface during the renovation.
Aluminum honeycomb perforated acoustical panel ceiling <br> Its structural structure is perforated panel and perforated back panel, relying on high-quality adhesive and aluminum honeycomb core directly bonded into an aluminum honeycomb sandwich structure, honeycomb core and the panel and back panel between a layer of sound-absorbing cloth. Since the honeycomb core in honeycomb board divided into a number of closed chamber to prevent air flow, sound waves hampered, improving the sound absorption coefficient (up to 0.9 or more), while increasing the sheet strength itself, the size of a single plate may To do more, further increase the design freedom. According to the acoustic design of the room, different perforation rate designs can be made, and the sound absorption coefficient of the combined structure can be controlled within a certain range, so that the design effect can be achieved and the cost can be reasonably controlled. Through the control of perforation aperture, hole pitch, and according to customer requirements to change the perforation rate, the maximum perforation rate <30%, the aperture is generally selected ∮2.0, ∮2.5, ∮3.0 and other specifications, backplane perforation requirements and the same panel, sound-absorbing cloth used High-quality non-woven materials such as sound absorption. Applicable to subway, theaters, radio, television stations, textile mills and sound-absorbing plants and stadiums and other large public buildings, sound-absorbing wall panels, ceiling panels.

Shaped aluminum buckle plate ceiling <br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>

Square lacquered aluminum gusset ceiling <br> Used in places that are easily soiled, such as kitchens and toilets. Is the current mainstream product.

Stained-glass ceilings <br> Variety of patterns for interior lighting. Only for partial use.

Metal grid ceilings <br> Aisles or halls used in commercial spaces, feeling modern.

Here are some of the highlights of the purchase of ceilings for reference:

The ceiling consists of decorative panels, keel, hanging wire and other materials, which can be changed frequently and often according to needs. It is a very convenient household single product. According to the different materials of the decorative board, the ceiling can be divided into gypsum board ceiling, metal board ceiling, glass ceiling, PVC board ceiling, etc. The cost of gypsum board is relatively cheap, followed by PVC board, metal board is the most durable but the price is higher. At present, mainly used in home improvement is the aluminum buckle ceiling in the metal plate.

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The width of the aluminum pinch on the market is generally between 10-15 cm, and the thickness is 0.55 mm, 0.6 mm, 0.7 mm, and 0.8 mm. The price is between 130 yuan/m2 and 200 yuan/m2.

Aluminum buckle purchase points

(1) Check its aluminum thickness. The thickness should not be lower than 0.6 mm, otherwise it will easily cause collapse. When choosing, pay attention to whether the merchant increases the overall thickness by thickening the paint layer. This kind of aluminum buckle plate should not be purchased.

(2) Check the quality of the material so as to prevent unscrupulous manufacturers from using fake stainless steel to fake aluminum. It is pure aluminum or impure aluminum or stainless iron. It can be verified by using a magnet. Pure aluminum material does not absorb magnetism. Aluminum or false aluminum can absorb magnetism.

(3) The identification of aluminum buckle plate should not only pay attention to the surface finish, but also observe whether the thickness of the plate is uniform, whether it is painted on both sides, and whether the elasticity and toughness are good enough.

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Gypsum board purchase points

Nowadays, gypsum decoration has been widely used in home decoration. There are differences in various brands and quality. When selecting ceiling gypsum board, be sure to pay attention to:

(1) Paper and plaster should not be separated and the degree of adhesion should be better.

(2) The moisture content should be less than 2.5%.

(3) It is best to try plaster strength. You can use nails to check if the plaster is hard. If the feel is soft, it is unqualified. The corners of the gypsum board were checked by hand, and the products were easily broken and brittle.

(4) The thickness should not be less than 9 mm.

(5) The crack load is 392 Newtons in the longitudinal direction and 167 Newtons in the horizontal direction. Upon purchase, the dealer shall ask for a test report for examination.

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Key points when purchasing PVC ceiling profiles:

(1) To measure the appearance quality, the board surface should be smooth, no cracks, no bumps, and the mouth and groove must be completely machined, can be assembled and disassembled freely, and the surface is shiny and free of scratches.

(2) The striking surface shall be clear and crisp, and the bending of the plate by hand shall have greater flexibility.

(3) Smell the plate, which is harmful to the body if it has a strong irritating odor.

(4) Ask the dealer for the quality inspection report and product inspection certificate. The performance index of the product should meet: the heat shrinkage rate is less than 0.3%, the oxygen index is greater than 35%, the softening temperature is above 80°C, the burning point is above 300°C, and the water absorption rate is less than 15%, the moisture absorption rate is less than 4%, and the dry static strength is greater than 500 MPa.

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Ceiling keel purchase points

Keel is an indispensable part of the ceiling decoration, including wood keel and light steel keel.

(1) Use wood keel to pay attention to wood must be dry. The wood is processed into square or rectangular strips. The cross-section of the wooden keel must not be less than 25 mm × 35 mm in principle. If possible, large-size wooden keels should be used as much as possible. The wooden skeletons used in the interior decoration are made of light wood, which consists of some tree species with low moisture content, dry shrinkage, non-cracking and non-deformation. The main species are red pine, white pine, and masson pine, Douglas fir, larch, Chinese fir, and beech. Such as processing, can not use yellow pine or other hardwood.

(2) More and more home decoration now use light steel keel which is not easy to be deformed and has fireproof performance. When picking, pay attention to the thickness of light steel keel, preferably not less than 0.6mm. According to profile section, there are U-type keel and T-type keel.
In addition, it is better to choose the galvanized keel that is not easy to rust, and to avoid the galvanized keel after use. The difference between the two should pay attention to the original plate galvanized keel commonly known as "snowboard", above the snow-like pattern, the strength is higher than the later galvanized keel.

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