The renovation of the rookie before buying tiles required homework

The first time the rookie decoration in the purchase of ceramic tiles are often at a loss, the face of shopping guide Miss smile is the heart of the drums: people seem to be quite reasonable, but their home shop people to introduce this brick in the end is what kind of really hard to say . You need to know that once the tiles have been covered, there is a problem...the consequences are serious! The following list of issues is the owner must be clear before the decoration, especially for rookies, these issues often determine the choice of tile types, specifications, price and even the overall style of the home.

1, in the end shop what?

In fact, the key to this problem is not what to use, but how to match various materials. For example, some homeowners want to tile in the living room and select wood floors in the bedroom. This creates problems. If the living room is covered with ordinary vitrified tiles and the bedroom is laminated with laminate flooring, there will be a height difference of about 3cm between the bedroom and the living room. This is mainly due to the lack of keel under the laminate flooring.

So is it the choice of solid wood flooring in the bedroom? of course not. Usually, solid wood floors are installed by manufacturers and 3 x 2cm keels are used. If the size of the 5 x 4cm keel is best used for leveling with the tiles in the living room, the service terms for replacement keel of various floor manufacturers are different.

Now understand it, if you want to choose the way to mix floor and floor tiles, be sure to communicate with the designers and construction workers (gray workers) to avoid unnecessary trouble. Here are two basic ways to introduce rookie birds.

Tile + Laminate = Room with Flooring 3cm Height with Cement Mortar

Tile + solid wood flooring = under the floor using 5 × 4cm specifications keel


Is the shop 600? Or shop 800? this is a problem! The current floor tiles, especially the floor tiles used in the living room, are mainly in 500mm, 600mm and 800mm sizes. The most used ones are 600mm and 800mm. How do you choose this? It is recommended that the rookie choose according to the area of ​​the paving and the placement of the furniture.

Since 600mm bricks per unit area have more bricks than 800mm bricks, the space can be expanded visually. At the same time, the waste rate when laying corners is lower than that of 800mm bricks, so a space of less than 40m2 is recommended. 600mm floor tiles are selected; for spaces larger than 40m2, 800mm floor tiles can be selected.

It is worth noting that if you have too much furniture (such as a bedroom) in your room and you cover a large piece of floor, it is best to use a 600mm floor tile.

3, glazed tiles? Glass tiles?

Glazed tiles have the advantage of being unrivalled in retro style, especially in parquet. At the same time, due to the protection of the surface glaze layer, the ability to resist dirt on tea, ink and even cigarette butts is also superior to vitrified tiles.

However, vitrified tiles are not without merit. With the development of technology, the vitrification and smoothness of vitrified tiles on the surface of vitrified tiles are already quite high. Not only can they make the living room look brighter, but they will never be glazed like glazed tiles due to collision and friction caused by external forces. .

It is advisable to choose the living room space, the relatively limited majority of the building's living room to choose the vitrified tile, the kitchen and the bathroom to choose the glazed tile.

4, "microcrystalline jade"? "Crystal Jade"?

The most troublesome thing for rookies to visit the building materials city is the name of the record tile. "Crystal Jade", "Microcrystalline Jade", "Seven Star Jade" - Halo! In fact, there is no need for us to remember the names of these mouthwashes. They all describe the same kind of things - vitrified bricks. These names are just the codes used by manufacturers to differentiate the products and further refine the market. When choosing, we only need to stick to our own budget, and try our best to choose a product with high density and high surface brightness (which is the deepest and most dazzling in the same specification).

5, building materials city? Supermarket?

Most of the rookies think that the prices of ceramic tiles in supermarkets are much cheaper than those in building materials, but the price in ceramic wholesale market should be cheaper. Is this actually the case? not completely. We first look at home building materials supermarkets, where the tiles are indeed very cheap, and some of the specials are even lower than the brand's market protection price in sales, but please rookie look at the label - qualified products - no problem, no problem, really no problem ? The cost of qualified products and superior products can be very different. And because of the low profits of supermarket sales, new-style tiles are often difficult to buy in supermarkets. →Related reading: Eight strokes to teach you to buy tiles most cost-effective

Look at the building materials city again, the price of ceramic tile is really amazing, try our original method - "the price" it, a lot of distribution of the same brand, more than a few markets, almost out of the market protection price, if you are good at This road can even reach below the protection price.

Finally, talk about ceramic distribution center (such as: Qilizhuang), where most of them have the signboards of “front store and back storehouse”. Actually, most of them are “fishing goods” and drowning fish. Sometimes the asking price in the small store is even higher than that of the actual home, and The delivery here is a separate charge. It is not recommended that rookie with no personal connections enter the village alone to avoid being killed.

It is recommended to select the color in the building materials city, record the reserve price in the supermarket, and return to the transaction price of the building material city. Those who have experience, acquaintances (do not kill cooked) or have a lot of courage and money can choose their own ceramic distribution center.

The above 5 points are only basic questions for rookies. If you want to buy inexpensive ceramic rookies, you still need to accumulate a lot of building materials knowledge. Ask the owners who have finished the renovation and learn the lesson is the right way!

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