Switch socket You can cause 11 fire hazards

Autumn and winter dry seasons are prone to fire, and fire protection has become the theme of the season. How often do the switches that are used everyday? Please see the following 11 key points.

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1, the outlet of the toilet should be installed splash box, to avoid splashing water, such as the formation of open circuit.

2. The socket is pressed by flammable materials or dust falls into it to cause a short circuit, or is installed in a flammable and explosive dangerous place. When a plug is inserted or removed, a spark is generated and an explosion may occur.

3, plug damage is not replaced in time, use bare wire instead of plug use, causing a short circuit or spark, causing flammable materials to catch fire.

4. Some of the bedside switches are readily accessible after use. The switch hits the bed frame or the wall and breaks the outer insulation layer. This may cause a short circuit.

5. The operating voltage and operating current of the lamp socket do not match the power of the socket used. Long-term overloading will cause fire if the temperature is too high. Mitsuo Aurora's sockets are 16A's large current limit, to meet the normal power of all industries and homes. Some other switches are generally 10A current limiting. When the home uses a little more power, it can cause fire.

6. Insulation stripping of wire ends used in flat or screw sockets or multi-eye sockets. When it is too long, the exposed part causes a short circuit; when it is too short, the conductor is in poor contact, the contact resistance is too large, and the overheating causes a fire.

7. When the lamp holder is installed, the lamp holder is twisted to twist the wires together, or the exposed wire core is too much. After being scattered, the wire touches the other end and causes a short circuit and fire.

8. Improper installation of the switch, especially if the switch is installed on a combustible object, the sheath is scratched at the leading end of the wire, and the wire core is exposed or water vapor infiltrates, resulting in a short circuit, or an arc is generated when the switch is disconnected to cause fire.

9. When the switchboard is not in the box, there will be splashing of hot metal particles when the fuse blows, causing the combustible below to burn.

10. When the combustible gas used by households leaks due to pipes or valves, and the combustible gas is mixed with air to reach the explosion limit, opening and closing of the electric switch without arc suppression device will generate sparks and cause fire or explosion. The three male aurora switches use silver-nickel alloy contacts and a sliding rocker type, which not only avoids arcing, but also greatly extends the life of the switch panel. It is recommended to buy switches to buy silver-nickel alloy contacts, do not buy pure silver, aluminum alloy, etc. They have low melting points, are easy to melt, and are more prone to arcing.

11. The cross-section of the power cable used for the pendant lamp is small and the power is too high, causing the wire to heat and catch fire.

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