Lazy people teach you to choose paint

The paint is very mysterious, Ayutthaya is very deep. They are different and they all look the same. Thousands of people have a metal jacket; below the hat is a pure white face; after smearing the wall, they all show delicate skin. For this kind of seeing outside, I can't see inside, what is different from the inside and the outside, how to buy?

Ivy paint

Principle one buys what one needs

It is difficult to say which kind of coating is cost-effective and the key is its own needs. At present, the properties of paints are mostly concentrated on scrubbing, mildew proofing, antibacterial, and covering fine cracks, etc. The price of paints also increases with the increase of functions. Before buying, think about your needs first. The most expensive ones are not necessarily useful to you. For example, some scrubbing times can reach more than 20,000 times, and some are 3,000 times. The price of the former is naturally much more expensive. However, the state stipulates that the number of rubbing resistances as long as it has reached 1000 times is qualified, so whichever one of you choose depends on your own Needed; Another example is, some houses are sunny, well ventilated, and the function of anti-mildew must not be wasted.

Principle two does not believe in advertising

Clear up the cloud of paint advertisements, and directly request relevant testing methods, testing standards, and authoritative testing agencies to verify the authenticity of the product. For example, the so-called nano-coatings are unworthy of their name, and there are no internationally recognized testing standards.

Principle 3: Let go and buy domestic goods

At present, imported coatings account for about 45% of our coating market, and they mainly occupy our high-end market. Their prices are 20%-50% more expensive than domestic coatings. However, the testing results of 10 Chinese and foreign paint brand comparison tests released by the National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center in 2003 prove that Fuya, Jiabaoli, and Qianxiehua are comparable in quality to foreign brands such as Nippon and Dulux.

Lazy tricks - on-site purchase master

Buy the heaviest package

Lift the paint bucket and shake it. If there is a crackling sound, it means that the packaging is seriously inadequate. There are two shortages of gins, and the viscosity is too low. The formal factory is real and does not hear the sound.

Buy the least consumption

Consultation with merchants about the number of painting passes and the area of ​​painting, the amount of calculation and the cost per square meter of material are not deceived by the price of each group (barrel), the unit price is low, and the consumption is particularly large. It is more expensive and wasteful. , And the quality is poor.

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