Invisible screen doors and windows use and troubleshooting methods

Summer came, and there were more bugs. Many families had to install invisible screen doors and windows. In order to prolong the life of your invisible screens and windows, let's take a look at the following knowledge with Xiao Bian!

Nike anti-theft window and screen window

1. When the screen door and window are covered with wind and rain, the screen must be rolled back before closing the window. If the screen is out of the air caused by the wind, the screen must be pulled into the track to pull the screen door. When the wind is too large, it is recommended that the windows be closed or screens not used.

2. Pull the mesh bar along the track and pull it in parallel. If you accidentally pull the mesh bar out of the track. You can first make the clip netting tilt respectively put the two ends of the clip net into the track, and then gently pull a few times (pulling attention to whether the upper and lower gauze net is flatly rolled back). The screen doors and windows are restored and will not affect the future use.

3. If the surface of the frame is inadvertently ground, use Belle to scrub or spray paint.

4. When the screen door and window are not needed, the gauze should be closed up to avoid the long service life of the spring and the cleanliness of the screen.

5. It is prohibited to step on aluminum profiles and avoid damage to aluminum profiles.

6. The screens do not need to be removed for cleaning, which can play a cleaning role when the screen is pulled, or can be used to clean the screen with a feather duster. If the screens of the kitchen are stained with fumes, use a damp cloth to wipe the gauze lightly and then wipe it with a damp cloth. Wait until the yarn is dry before rewinding.

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