Explaining the feng shui taboos in the decoration of the entrance

In the decoration, improper building of the entrance will also affect Feng Shui. To play the most effective role of the entrance, we must pay attention to the various taboos of the entrance part in Feng Shui. This mainly includes the following points, which we discuss separately.

1. The setting of the entrance ceiling

Ceiling height should not be too low: If the ceiling at the entrance is too low and there is pressure, this is a sign of bad luck in feng shui, which means that this family is oppressed and difficult to make a difference. With high ceilings, the air circulation in the entrance is more comfortable, and it is also beneficial to the air transportation of the residence.

Ceiling ceiling should be light should not be heavy: the color on the ceiling of the entrance should not be too deep, if the color of the ceiling is deeper than the floor, it will form a heavy and light, upside down pattern, symbolizing that the family is young and child disorder, up and down. The color of the ceiling is lighter than that of the floor, and it is light and heavy. This is the normal phenomenon.

Ceiling lamps should be rounded Fang Ji triangle: the top of the entrance of the lighting arrangement, the Yi Yuan Fang should not triangle. Some people like to install a number of spotlights or spotlights on the top of the entrance to illuminate. This is a good arrangement, but if you put three lights into a triangle, it will be self-defeating, creating a situation of "three branches down," the home Very unfavorable. If arranged in a square or circle, it is not a problem, because the circle symbolizes a reunion, and the square symbolizes that the Founder is stable.

2. Entrance hall wall

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The wall space should be under the virtual reality: facing the entrance of the door, the lower half should be based on solid walls, solid and stable, while the upper half can be decorated with glass, transparent and leaking the best.

It must be noted that no mirror glass can be used, and mirrors that reflect may not normally face the door because the home's gas will be reflected.

The color of the walls must be moderate: the walls of the hallway are either wooden planks, wall tiles or stone, and the colors used should not be too deep, so as to prevent the portal from appearing gloomy and inviable. The ideal color combination is that the ceiling at the top has the lightest color, and the floor at the bottom has the darkest color, while the wall color in the middle is between the two, as the harmony and transition between the top and bottom.

The wall space should be smooth: the entrance is the main access to the house, and smooth walls and floors provide smooth airflow. If the protruding stones are used as the entrance decoration and the bumps are uneven, there will be many obstacles in house transportation and they must be avoided as much as possible.

3. The laying of the floor

The floor of the entrance should be leveled: the flat floor can make the house move smoothly, and it can also avoid falling into wrestling. At the same time, the entrance floor should be kept as level as possible, and there should be no difference between high and low.

The color of the floor should be deeper: the dark color symbolizes thickness, and the darkness of the floor symbolizes a deep foundation and conforms to Fengshui. If the requirements are brighter, darker stones can be used to wrap around the edges, while lighter stones are used in the middle. If you choose to carpet in the entrance, the same reason, we should choose the four sides of the darker and lighter in the middle of the carpet.

The pattern of the entrance floor avoids sharp corners to flush the door: the pattern of the floor is varied, but the contents of the auspicious meaning should be chosen. Must avoid the use of those multi-angled patterns, and sharp corners is more absolutely inappropriate, so as not to restless, causing trouble.

The wood grain on the entrance floor should not be flushed with the door: wooden floors, regardless of the type of wood, should be arranged in such a way that the wood grain slopes into the house, such as flowing water into the house, but the wood grain is not straight to the gate.

The floor should not be too smooth: In order to beautify the entrance, some people tend to polish the floor of the entrance very smoothly. This is easy to be self-defeating. It is not ideal from the point of view of home security because family members or guests are easily injured.

The underground drainage pipeline should not cross the gate and the entrance, so as to avoid the internal and external exchanges of the fiscal water, they are contaminated at the entrance, leading to poor health of the family members and an unfavorable financial situation.

4. Set up shoe cabinet

Setting the shoe cabinet at the entrance is a matter of life and a matter of course. Moreover, “shoes” and “harmonics” are homophones, with a sense of harmony and harmony, and the shoes must be paired and paired. This is very meaningful. The family needs harmony and harmony, so it is very auspicious to get started. But in spite of this, there are still some aspects to pay attention to when setting up the shoe cabinet at the entrance.

Shoe cabinets should not be too tall: The height of shoe cabinets should not exceed the height of the head of the household. It would be inappropriate to exceed this standard. The height of the shoe should be one third of the height of the wall, or half the height of the head of the household. The size of the shoe cabinet should not be large and should not be high.

Shoes should not be hidden: the shoe should have a door, if the shoes piled up in a mess and no cover, it is very unsightly. Some clever shoe cabinets in the entrance are very elegant and natural, because there is a door to cover, so from the outside, it does not see it is a shoe, this is consistent with the way to hide in the secret.

Fengshui attaches great importance to airflow, so the shoe must try to reduce the odor, otherwise if the odor spreads to the surrounding, there is no good feng shui at all.

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