Beware of low-cost trap package budget has been repeatedly

Decoration is a long project, looking for decoration company is also a slow job, we must understand some of the decoration company's usual tricks Caixing, encounter the decoration company opened the price is too low not patronize the joy, beware of the trap, the package contract budget may also "Have been raised prices."

In recent years, there has been a package decoration model calculated in square meters in the home improvement market, which can save consumers unnecessary expenses as much as possible. However, this type of package decoration has begun to be challenged by consumers. In succession, some citizens report to the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce and the Municipal Consumers’ Association that individual decoration companies first reported lower package fees, and then supplemented with a free design commitment. The final decoration budget was far higher than the pre-selected package. Something inexplicably "is the price increase."

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Low prices for bait to increase costs

According to industry insiders, the biggest benefit of "package decoration" compared to the traditional decoration model is that it can "make it simple and simple." However, this kind of decoration mode that should have brought benefits to consumers may sometimes be exploited by businesses.

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