Dongtai Huawei: focus on the industry steadily

In the context of the global economic downturn, the sales of well-known fastener company Dongtai Warwick achieved a converse trend this year, up 20% year-on-year. It is expected that this year's sales will reach 200 million yuan.

It is understood that as early as 20 years ago, Dongtai Warwick was only a small workshop with dozens of square meters, three or four cold heading equipment and five or six people. Today, 20 years later, Warwick has grown into an annual sales of nearly 200 million yuan. With more than 300 employees and well-known stainless steel standard parts companies, the company was named "Star City Star Enterprise" and "Dongtai City Key Scale Enterprise", while the "FL" brand stainless steel standard part was awarded the title of "Jiangsu Township Enterprise Famous Brand Product". , deeply favored by domestic and foreign customers, even in Germany, there is also a local equipment company exclusive agent Dongtai Huawei's products.

According to East China Warwick's foreign trade manager Zhu Hongxiu, the company currently accounts for about 40% of its exports, the main export markets are the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea, and Southeast Asia and other places, but also in South Africa, Brazil and other countries are also exploring new markets emerging. He believes that the reason why the company can continue to develop steadily, there are three main reasons: First, the manager Liu Fulin's business ideas are very firm, customer-focused, quality first, to provide customers with quality products, reasonable prices and good service . The second is the company's constant introduction of new processing technologies, technological innovations, and the cultivation of talents, thus ensuring that the products have a certain degree of competitiveness. Third, extensive cooperation between Huawei and Golden Media, a well-known industry media, has created the brand of Warwick and enhanced the visibility of Warwick.

In the interview, I wish the manager also expressed his recognition and support for the Golden Spider media. He said: “The Golden Spider Exhibition We Dongtai Huawei will participate every year, and it works well. Many foreign customers came to negotiate this morning, and some of them are very interested in cooperation. I think the Golden Spider Exhibition is a professional fastener exhibition. There are many customers at home and abroad, and it is also one of the best exhibitions in the industry exhibitions, and our promotion and promotion at Golden Spider is also very effective. Through your platform, we have recognized many customers and established a long-term and stable cooperation relationship. We recently received orders of millions of dollars."

For the current situation, I wish the manager to tell the Golden Spider reporter: “The low-cost, low-end, homogenized route of the fastener industry is not feasible. We will always focus on our industry, constantly improve our research and development capabilities, and do a good job of products. , and then through their own products - fasteners, a bridge of friendship between the company and customers to achieve a stable development.