Do not forget three energy-saving projects in home decoration

When decorating, how to lay a good foundation for energy conservation and spend a lot of money to save money? Experts suggest that the hub is a three-way measure of insulation, water saving, and electricity saving during design and construction.

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If the original outer window is a single-glass ordinary window, then it is best to replace the hollow glass broken-bridge metal window in the decoration, and install the external flow shading device outside the east and west windows. When selecting curtains, choose curtains that are thick and dense and have good thermal insulation effect. If the original wall has an inner insulation layer, be careful not to destroy it during the renovation. If the design plan is to buy the balcony and the room, it is necessary to install insulation on the wall and top of the balcony. When laying wooden floors, insulation materials such as mineral wool boards, flame-retardant foams, etc. can be placed between the grilles under the floor. When customizing the gates, manufacturers may be required to fill fireproof and heat-insulating materials such as glass wool or mineral wool; seals should be installed on windows and doors; households living on the top floor can also place insulation materials on the gypsum board to improve the ceiling. Thermal insulation.

Water saving

The key to saving water is to control the selection and installation of kitchens and bathroom equipment. It is best to install water-saving faucets and flow control valves, and use water-saving toilets and water-saving bath appliances. The traditional idea is that the use of showers is more water-efficient, but from the perspective of practical applications, installing a new type of energy-saving bathtub and using it with a shower will have better water-saving effects.

At present, taps used in general household kitchens and bathrooms are all lever type, and such taps are difficult to control and control the flow. Therefore, flow control valves can be installed under the faucets of the cabinets and bath cabinets, so that the water flow can be controlled according to the water pressure of the housing so as to save water.

In addition, the distance between the water heater and the outlet must be as short as possible, and the hot water pipe should be insulated.

Saving electricity

In addition to the selection of energy-saving lamps, a switch with a dimming function can also be selected during the renovation to achieve effective energy-saving. In the living room, try not to choose a chandeliers that are too complex; toilets are best equipped with induction lighting switches.

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