What kind of material is used for the bay window?

After the end of a busy day, back home, we rely on watching the starry cozy bay window, should be very pleasant thing, then the windows and what material it good? Quickly see below go good home network small series Introduce it!


What kind of material is used for the bay window?

1. What kind of material is used for the bay window - marble countertops

Advantages: natural texture, long-lasting practical, moderate price, commonly used 3-4 kinds of colors, not affected by cold and heat.

Disadvantages: Contains radioactive materials and has natural cracks. Once broken, it cannot be recovered and continues to be used.

2. What kind of material is used for the bay window - wood board + fire board veneer

Advantages: low price, can be integrated with the window cover, the overall effect is good.

Disadvantages: deformation due to heat and moisture, discoloration and mildew spots appear.

3. What kind of material is used for the bay window - laying the bay window directly with brick, mosaic or wooden floor

Advantages: simple and convenient, low cost.

Disadvantages: There is also the possibility of deformation and cracking. It is not easy to handle the other side.

4. What kind of material is used for the bay window - glass countertop

Advantages: stylish and durable, no deformation,

Disadvantages: It can only be used for window sills of square size, and it will be foggy in winter.

5. What kind of material is used for the bay window - artificial stone countertops

Advantages: It has been used more in recent years, has strong plasticity, can be shaped and seamlessly stitched, easy to repair, and has many colors.

Disadvantages: Because it is not used for the bay window, it will not use very good artificial stone, so the wear resistance is poor, and the long-term direct sunlight will be deformed or faded, especially for the window of the sun.

I would like to introduce some materials about the floating window. I hope that the above contents will help you. For more information, please stay tuned for the follow-up report of Xiao Jiaju.


1.Much higher adhesion between coating & substrate

2.PE & PVDF paint , high durability & wide applications

3.Compared with stone material , coulde be punched or bent to any shapes

4.Distinct & vivid texture

The Prepainted Steel Sheet in coil is a product obtained by subjecting a hot dipped galvanized steel sheet, and galvalume steel sheet, or an aluminum sheet to a surface chemical treatment (coating) , followed by baking and curing.

  • The total thickness of the pre-panted galvanized steel coil is composed of the base steel – coating -primer – top paint – protective layer thickness. The top paint thickness is 15-25μm, and the back paint thickness is 5-20μm. The thinner the base steel thickness, the higher the price of the Ppgi Steel Coil , because the processing cost becomes higher.
  • Usually the paint coating material is polyester (PE) and the color of the back paint is white grey. The color can be customized according to the RAL Color card or customer samples. Special patterns can be made, such as wood grain, flower print, camouflage, brick.

1) PPGI also known as Prepainted Galvanized Steel coil and color coated steel coil, with a hot dip zinc coated steel sheet substrate.

2) PPGL also known as Prepainted Galvalume Steel Coil, with a galvalume steel sheet as a substrate.

Prepainted Steel Coil

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