Breeding and conservation of Peach

Pay attention to the following points in the breeding and maintenance of Peach:

Peach can be propagated by sowing and grafting methods. Seeding and breeding are used to cultivate rootstocks. Grafting methods are generally used to breed. In the grafting, the budding method is often used, and the budding is easy to survive.

Bud connection can be carried out from July to September, with the best time from mid-August to early September. The rootstocks are usually made of annual peach seedlings, and they can also be used for apricot and plum. The buds should be selected from the leaf buds or the re-buds on the healthy branches of the fine varieties of Peach, and the flower buds or buds cannot be used. The bud joint should be placed at a height of 60-80 cm on the rootstock for a "T-shaped" bud. When the buds survive, when they grow to 12-18 cm long, they should be topped to promote lateral buds. Generally, grafted seedlings can bloom in 3 years. The branching is best carried out in March, and it is often used as a means of supplementing after the failure of the bud.

The most serious damage to the peach blossom is the various aphids, which occur mostly in May. It can be sprayed with 40% omethoate 1000-1500 times or 80% dichlorvos 1500 times.

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