Sound-absorbing coating construction process sound-absorbing paint manufacturers

With the progress of society, the demand for sound-absorbing coatings in the market continues to increase, making the sound-absorbing coatings common, types, materials, and performance all continue to increase. In addition, the sound-absorbing coating has the advantages of firm bonding, durability, beautiful appearance, no joints, waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-condensation, fire prevention, non-combustible, non-toxic, thermal insulation, etc., and is widely used by consumers in various industries. In the field. The following small series introduces sound-absorbing paint construction technology and sound-absorbing paint manufacturers.

Sound-absorbing coating construction process

First, the base processing

The surface is easy to fall off, dust, oil and other debris removed, and then brushing the permeability of a special white primer.

Second, the construction and the amount of halfway

1. Batch scraping method: Like batch ash, the sound-absorbing coating can be directly approved on a well-treated wall.

2, spray method: with a stone paint spray gun, muzzle and wall to maintain vertical, uniform spray on the wall (recommended to use this method), if you require two or more colors with the effect, then in the first spray Another spray paint is sprayed on the wall before it is dry.

3, double gun spraying method: with a special double nozzle gun, the two colored base materials are poured in the spray gun separately on both sides, the same operation method and the above spraying method, but only one spray coating can be obtained two-color effect, quite beautiful .

Acoustic paint manufacturers of the United States Geer

Sound-absorbing coating is an integrated enterprise engaged in the research, development, production and sales of acoustic decorative materials and sound-absorbing coatings. The company's production plant is located close to Chengdu's largest logistics base and has convenient transportation conditions, which is conducive to the development and growth of the company to a large extent. The company has a solid economic foundation and scientific and technological research and development strength, and has full protection for product quality.

Sound-absorbing paint manufacturers of polyester environmental protection technology

Guangzhou Diyin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known enterprise integrating sound-absorbing coating product research, production, sales, and construction. The sound-absorbing materials produced by the company include: plant fiber-sounding sound-absorbing coatings, inorganic fiber coating, and sound-absorbing decorative boards. Decorative sound-absorbing panels, sound-absorbing cotton and other series of sound-absorbing material products.

Sound-absorbing coating manufacturer's Silencer material

Guangzhou Saim Silence Material Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiansheng Group. The company has more than 20 environmental protection, national fire prevention, and acoustic testing reports. The company specializes in research and development, production, design, and sales of sound-absorbing materials, and provides interior acoustic consulting and advice, noise reduction engineering construction and other services.

The use of sound-absorbing coatings

The acoustic absorption, appearance, and mechanical properties of sound-absorbing paints are applicable to the smallpox parts of the hall where the interior surface is large and the roof is high, and the walls above a certain height. Such as theaters, venues, shopping malls, corridors and other indoor ceilings sound absorption processing. Absorbing paint is very suitable for decorative and need sound-absorbing places.

Editor's summary: The sound-absorbing paint construction process and sound-absorbing paint manufacturers are introduced here, and hope to be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more about yourself, you can follow the information on this site.

Paint sound-absorbing coating construction process

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