The role of indoor balcony window guardrail

Bay window guardrail gives people a feeling of safety. If there is no guardrail, they stand in front of the glass, giving people a sense of insecurity and even a sense of vertigo. With guardrails, this feeling is greatly reduced and it has the function of protective glass.

Firmness: good firmness, can not shake;

Helpability: The handrails of the guardrails should be able to support. After the qualified guardrails are installed, they should enable people to look out on the railings and feel comfortable. This is why they should be installed securely; the height of the handrails is suitable from the ground up to 900mm. 850mm or 950mm, if it is too high, it is not suitable. The minimum distance between the guardrail and the window is 35mm. This maximizes the indoor space and at the same time acts as a handrail. The handrail should not be too hot or too cold with temperature.

Decoration: After the railings of the guardrail are installed, they must play a decorative role. Therefore, the guardrail materials should be selected to have a decorative effect.

Antibacterial: Antibacterial agents are added to the raw materials to inhibit the harmful bacteria such as E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus and protect human health.

Good weather resistance: indoor use period of 40 years;

Good flame retardancy: The resin material reaches flame-retardant B1 level;

Fully meet the national standards for accessibility

The new home of the United States and the United States, a large window, the sun spilled in, flowers and fragrance, this kind of life, think it is particularly pleasant. However, the beauty of the bay window is beautiful and there are also hidden dangers. Today we will talk about whether to install the parapets in the bay window. First, the bay window safety barriers do not have a fence Everyone knows that when the child is at home, often climb up and down the nocturne, and children Well, curiosity is strong, no Bay window is very easy to accidental. If there is an old man at home, the old man will open the window to dry clothes, dry vegetables, move pots, etc. It may seem like a simple matter. If you are not careful about the danger, you will regret it later. The bay windows without guardrails are a great safety hazard in our home life. For peace of mind, it is better to install railings on the bay windows according to the standard. Second, the height of the floating window barrier The average residential window sill should not be less than 90cm, if the sill is too low you should take protective measures, the height of the guardrail or protective fixed window can not be less than 90cm. When you are decorating, you can't just consider the beauty, and you have to remove the guardrail completely. Remember that safety is a priority.


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