Integrated ceiling exhaust fan installation integrated ceiling exhaust fan is good or bad

The integrated ceiling exhaust fan is simple to install, flexible in layout, and easy to maintain. In order to change the monotony of the monotonous color of the ceiling, the integrated art ceiling is becoming a new trend in the market. The integrated ceilings are all designed and professionally installed, and its circuit layout, ventilation and heating effects are also rigorously designed and tested. All people-oriented, in contrast, the traditional ceiling is too casual to be safe. Next, Xiao Bian introduced the installation of integrated ceiling exhaust fans and the identification of the integrated ceiling exhaust fans.

Integrated ceiling exhaust fan installation

1, clear location

Compared with the situation on the site, the design diagram clearly identifies the specific location of the electrical appliance and the keel. Determine ceiling installation height, Yuba is generally between 2.1m-2.3m can play a maximum effect.

2, ensure the level

After a clear height, do a horizontal mounting angle. Fix the corners with screws or glue (to prevent the tiles from being damaged). The corners of the turn should be tiled and trimmed, leaving no visible gaps.

3, punching positioning

After the keel position is determined, use a percussion drill to drill holes. Cut and assemble the boom screws according to the specific length. Hanger screws are fastened in the drill hole. This link can be performed at the same time as the previous step.

4, install the keel

The main keel is mounted on the retaining ring under the boom screw and the triangular keel is fixed to the main keel. After fitting, adjust properly and tighten the connection screws gradually to ensure straightness.

5, suspended ceiling

Square aluminum buckle ceiling has two installation methods: edge mounting, intermediate mounting, depending on the circumstances. It is very important to install the first board, which determines the position and level of other boards. The ceiling of the bathroom can be selected according to different shapes. A variety of materials can be used. For example, the flat top can be made of PVC gussets, aluminum gussets, plastic aluminum plates, and light steel keels. For ceilings such as enamel type, a softer waterproof board, soft board, and plastic aluminum board can be used, or decorated with a variety of colored glass.

Integrated ceiling exhaust fan is good or bad

1, brand

Products with high brand awareness are more secure in terms of product quality, functionality, and safety.

2, material

The basic material of the ventilation fan affects the use of the product, and the brand of the nearly exhausted product uses the recycled material as the outer cover of the electrical appliance. After a period of use, the product will appear black, deformed, and is noisy. When the circuit is abnormal, it is likely to cause fire.

3, the shell

Identify the quality of the ventilation fan material, can gently tap the shell, generally made of good material for the ventilation fan shell, the sound emitted after percussion is very crisp.

4, motor

Good quality ventilation fan, motor is the core. Bad ventilation fan motor is used 1, the motor shell is a simple paint, oil-containing motor, easy to rust, poor heat dissipation of the whole machine motor, 2 spindles use hot-bar plate, poor magnetic permeability, 3, copper coil less Or quality, it will inevitably lead to motor noise, 4, motor temperature, easy to burn, short life of 5000-8000 hours.

5, wind wheel

The wind wheel is an important element embodied in the function of the ventilation fan. The quality of the wind wheel not only affects the air volume but also has a great influence on the environmental sound. Bad ventilation fan The wind wheel uses inferior ABS or PP material, which is easy to deform and has not passed the wind wheel balance test. It is easy to shake and is noisy.

6, ventilation

Good quality ventilation fans are designed according to the principle of scientific wind dynamics to design ducts and shapes, so that the airflow is concentrated and smooth, the air pressure is high, and the air supply efficiency is high.

7. Products

Really good products are actually able to get into your eyes. Whether it is the product modeling process, the overall texture, or the standard store image, packaging design, all reveal the strength of the branded companies and the quality of regular products!

8, signs

Regular integrated ceiling products will have internal signs, such as affixing the original logo, to ensure that the product is produced by the original factory.

Editor's summary: The introduction of integrated ceiling exhaust fan installation and integrated ceiling exhaust fan quality is introduced here, and I hope to be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more about yourself, you can follow the information on this site.

Integrated ceiling integrated ceiling brand integrated ceiling exhaust fan installation

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