Agilent introduces new triple quadrupole gas chromatography/mass spectrometry system

Recently, Agilent Technologies officially announced and specifically demonstrated two new models of its "7000" series triple quadrupole GC/MS system, which further expanded the Agilent Technologies. Scientific instrument product line.

For the launch of this new product, Agilent Technologies said that more and more food and water safety testing laboratories tend to use the triple quadrupole GC/MS system for analysis. Compared to traditional standard single quadrupole systems, the sensitivity of the triple quadrupole GC/MS system is better able to handle the complex matrices faced in complex experiments. The new "7000D" and "7010B" new triple quadrupole GC/MS systems from Agilent Technologies not only have enhanced features, but also improved analytical performance, and these instruments are used in comparison to the earlier triple quadrupoles. The rod GC/MS system is much easier to use.

In operation, the Agilent Triple Quad GC/MS system user can run the existing SQ GC/MS method with a click of the Agilent Technologies MassHunter software if the sample is run on the instrument. Agilent said that the approximate product currently available on the market has not been able to easily allocate the total workload to all available GC/MS systems, thereby increasing the analytical capacity of the laboratory. This feature also simplifies the transition from a single quad SIM to a triple quad MS/MS.

In addition, at the North American Society of Chemical Residue Analysis, Agilent Technologies also demonstrated its fourth-generation pesticide and environmental contaminant analyzer based on the 7010B triple quadrupole GC/MS system. A one-stop solution for the detection, identification and quantification of pesticides in food and environmental matrices. The fourth-generation pesticide and environmental contaminant analyzer also leverages the new dMRM capabilities in MassHunter acquisition software and a new pesticide database including matrix-optimized ion pairs for reliable detection of contaminants in food and water samples.

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