Two Principles of Bedroom Fengshui

Feng Shui has to be applied to the actual decoration of the home. There are many details, such as not being on the bed and television, not on the sharp corners, and so on. This is mainly about the feng shui of the bedroom and the bogey. Interested friends can refer to it.

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Appropriate: bedroom shape Founder

The square bedroom is the ideal bedroom. If your bedroom is rectangular, you don't need to worry. You can make your bedroom ideal by adjusting. Please adjust the direction of the bed to the direction of the length of the bedroom and then partition it in the middle of the bedroom with a low cabinet to divide the bedroom into two areas that are roughly square. Concise, square, smooth, quiet is the right bedroom.

In order to pursue visual novelty, some people decorate the bedroom in the form of beveled edges and lobes. Do you not know that the shape of the square is a dynamic energy in itself, which is in conflict with the quietness of the bedroom.

Bogey: narrow and long bedroom

If a person is lying in bed and looking into a narrow bedroom, he will feel lonely and lonely. And those who are sensitive to nerves will also be cranky and have many hallucinations. The remedy is divided into two. That is, a short cabinet is used to separate the narrow bedroom and put it on the bed, and on the other side as a dressing room or study room. With this change, the room in the bedroom is no longer empty and empty, and it will be much more psychological.

One thing that you should note is that some people use mirrors as the space for the sleeping room. In fact, this is not appropriate. If the mirror is facing the dressing room or the study room, there is no serious problem, but if you are guilty of feng shui taboo on the side of the bed, it often leads to illness.

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