November 21 Some Companies ** Price Information

Qilu petrochemical production ** quote stabilized, solid ** factory price 1840 yuan / ton; liquid ** factory price 1780 yuan / ton. At present, the production fluid* is the main product, with a daily production of about 300 tons (purity of 99.5%, golden yellow).

Qingdao refinery solid ** price increases 30 yuan / ton, the factory price is 1800 yuan / ton, liquid ** factory quoted at 1700 yuan / ton, the current inventory is not high, mainly to take the liquid.

Shandong Dawang Huaxing Group ** plant started normal, liquid ** ex-factory quoted at 1,850 yuan / ton, the purity of more than 99.96%, daily production of about 15 tons, sales are acceptable, inventory is not much. The main delivery Qingzhou, Zibo area.

Shandong Dongming Petrochemical ** plant normal production, the current daily production of about 60-70 tons, solid ** factory price 1850 yuan / ton, liquid ** factory price 1750 yuan / ton, the current sales are good.

Shandong Lijin Petrochemical ** plant production is normal, solid ** factory price 1750 yuan / ton. Nissan produces around 30 tons.

Hunan Changling Petrochemical, ** quote 1840, does not include 38 yuan loading and unloading costs, cancellation of packaging fees.

Lanzhou Petrochemical has two sets of ** equipment to start normal work, the daily output is about 20-30 tons, the factory price is 1700 yuan / ton, inventory is about 200 tons.

Sinopec Jinling Petrochemical's price for solid sulfur is reduced by RMB 50/ton, the factory price is RMB 1,700/ton, and the liquid* factory price is RMB 1,700/ton.

Yangzi Petrochemical ** prices are down 30 yuan / ton, the current solid ** factory quoted at 1700 yuan / ton, liquid smelter factory price at 1720 yuan / ton. Liquid sulphides are the main products, mainly taking contract customers. The market is stable and the monthly output is about 6,000 tons.

Gaoqiao Petrochemical ** equipment of Sinopec's refining and sales company was started at full capacity. The factory price of solid sulphate was RMB 1740/ton, the liquid ** factory price was RMB 1670/ton, and the daily output was about 300 tons. The inventory was low.

Shanghai Jinshan Petrochemical's solid price fell to 1,820 yuan/ton, and the liquid price was 1,670 yuan/ton.

Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. quotes 1,800 for liquid sulfur and 1,760 for liquid sulfur. It does not include loading fees. The current production is normal, inventory is low, and shipments are generally low.

Sinopec asphalt company Maoming Petrochemical ** quoted stable, solid ** factory price 1850 yuan / ton, sales are still available, low inventory, daily production of 400-500 tons, food-grade quoted at 2010 yuan / ton.

The maintenance of Hainan Refining & Chemicals Equipment Factory started normally. At present, the factory price on the island is reduced to 1910 yuan/ton, and the factory price off the island is reduced to 1,730 yuan/ton, including packing and loading fees.

Sinopec Asphalt Company Guangzhou Petrochemical ** factory price reduction; granular ** price is still maintained at 1750 yuan / ton.

Sinopec asphalt company Wuhan Petrochemical solid ** price reduction, the factory price at 1720 yuan / ton, mainly around small phosphate fertilizer companies and small chemical companies, shipping in general.

Anqing Petrochemical ** equipment production is normal, the current factory price of chip ** is 1730 yuan / ton, the current daily production of about 60-70 tons, sales in general, inventory is not much.

Sinopec asphalt company Jiujiang Petrochemical ** factory price is 1,800 yuan / ton, mainly for contract users.

Puguang Natural Gas Purification Plant has a monthly output of 120,000 tons, and the shipment is normal. The factory bulk ** quotes 1710, and Wanzhou Port picks offer 1710. Currently stop the new order and stop selling.