How to choose the water supply pipe in home improvement

In the current home renovation, traditional galvanized pipes have gradually withdrawn from the market because of tight seals, corrosion, and complicated installation. New water supply pipes have appeared on the market. Which one is the green pipe that people are struggling to find? "What?" Let us cast our sights on several common water supply pipes in the market.

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1. plastic pipe

Plastic pipes are the first people to consider alternative materials. However, its strength, linearity, and temperature difference conditions in extreme regions all limit its scope of application.

2. Aluminum plastic tube

The aluminum tube is lined in two plastic tubes and the aluminum tube is welded by lap welding and butt welding. Advantages: stable water quality, no scaling, corrosion resistance, and strong flexibility. Disadvantages: Poor impact resistance, large expansion coefficient, low hydraulic coefficient, low thermal insulation and safety factor.

3. Plastic tube

Copper tube outsourcing plastics overcomes the shortcomings of copper tubes that are easily deformed, explosive, and have poor pressure and heat resistance. The inadequacies: the copper-plastic pipe and the galvanized pipe are also in direct contact with the water from the metal wall surface, which is easy to produce green-green. Copper green is not a copper ion, but a chemical that is harmful to the skin. As for whether copper ions are beneficial to the human body, it is mainly to see if it is appropriate.

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