Home wooden door purchase knowledge

In the building materials market, there are various wooden door brands, ranging in price from a few hundred to several thousand. There are various kinds of materials. In the decoration of homes, wooden doors are more and more valued. From the simple production of the scene to the present and the selection of cabinets and furniture. Buy finished wooden doors, where are senior wooden doors?

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The first course is material selection. The choice of raw materials and accessories directly determines the quality of wooden doors. At present, the process of high-level wooden doors is mostly solid wood composites, which not only maintains many advantages of natural solid wood, but also avoids the defects of easy deformation and cracking of solid wood. The core part of the door leaf is made of high-quality Baisong that is dried in a drying kiln to avoid cracking and deformation of the finished door due to excessive moisture content; the middle part is a 5mm thick medium density board; the surface is an imported solid wood veneer. Whether the wooden door is environmentally friendly or not, it is also crucial to use plastic. It is recommended to ask the salesperson when buying the wooden door, the brand and indicator of the plastic.

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The second is equipment. As a professional large-scale door factory, it should have a sanding machine, edge banding machine, grinding, hot press, automatic painting, CNC machining center and so on. From the device can accurately determine the size of the manufacturer's strength.

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The third is the production process. Currently, the processing time for real high-level doors on the market is between 20 and 30 days. Relative to the panel furniture, the process of the door is more complicated, and more than 30 processes such as wood drying, rough processing, sanding, and edge sealing are needed to ensure the smoothness of the door leaf and the smooth paint like a mirror. The frequency of opening the door is high several times, so the choice is not only about modeling and environmental protection, but also depends on quality and durability.

In the end, the expert recruits Xiao Wei to: buy the most important 7 points of the wooden door: Shantou, style. Second, door panels and door covers. Third, the door core board. Fourth, hardware. Fifth, the inner door is sealed strictly. Sixth, the service rubber. Seventh, after-sales service.

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