Expert Weapons: Three Principles Must Be Paid to Make Home Improvement Greener and Save Money

Environmental protection is the most important factor in home improvement. Do you know which methods can make your home more environmentally friendly? In addition to ventilation for three months after the renovation, it is also very important to select environmental protection plants and other decorative methods.

How will the choice of decorative materials affect human health? How to minimize the indoor environment pollution caused by the decoration in the early stage of decoration is a topic that everyone cares about most before the renovation. How can we not only save money in decoration, but also not affect the quality of home improvement, live comfortably, save money and happy? There are three principles for reference.

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Principle 1: The wires and pipes buried in the walls outside the province must be of good quality, because it is costly to repair if something goes wrong. And accessories, curtains, lamps and other options can be relatively cheap.

Principle II: Province outlet does not save the switch to buy a switch to buy a good brand, the outlet can choose ordinary brand, because the use of high frequency switching, high quality requirements, and the switch is generally installed in a prominent position, requires that the decorative effect should also be outstanding However, the most important thing is that the durability performance is better.

Principle 3: The use of the province's ground floor is higher than the wall surface. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the quality of the floor materials, whether it is the bedroom, the living room floor, or the kitchen and bathroom floor tiles. The wall paint and kitchen wall tiles can be selected from the general brand.

Check the information that a lot of decoration materials used in the production of adhesives and plastic components such as chemical synthesis articles, in the use of these substances will gradually release toxic substances. Plastics, wallpapers, chemical fiber carpets, floor tiles, etc. can all cause the rise of indoor formaldehyde. There are also organic materials such as vinyl chloride and dihydromethane in paints and oil-in-water paints. These toxic substances will slowly build up after renovation. It will take several years for it to be released, and it will be completely volatilized. The decoration of the more popular materials, such as marble, contains many radioactive materials. These toxic substances can cause damage to the blood, liver, kidneys, and digestive system.

In order to reduce decoration pollution, interior decoration and decoration materials that meet national standards should be used as much as possible in the interior decoration. Use less wood and do not rush to stay after installing. For those who are physically sensitive, it is best to minimize renovations at home. Is the safest.

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