Don’t let the feng shui harm the 17 feng shui bans you must know

Residential feng shui is best tailored to the owner's characteristics. However, there are also some general principles that apply. That is, in the arrangement of homes, it is not possible to commit some feng shui taboos. Otherwise, it will be uncomfortable to live in and it will have an adverse effect on the owner. The following are 17 taboos in home feng shui layout. See if there is any conflict between your home's Feng Shui layout.

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The bedroom must not be decorated with dazzling colors in the bedroom. It should be elegant and warm. Do not be too bright. Don't arrange it too dazzlingly. Excessive luxury. Sparkling ornaments are particularly inappropriate.

Evergreen Potted Liquor Due to the improvement of the quality of life, Evergreen potted plants are very good indoor ornaments in order to increase the greenness of the interior. However, be sure to choose plants that are evergreen, strong in vitality, and difficult to wither and defoliate.

Introductory foresight kitchen and toilet, all the houses of the return home, entry must see the living room. In modern architectural design, in order to take into account the configuration of space, a door is often seen first in the kitchen, dining room or bathroom. This is a taboo for Yangzhai. It is also unreasonable. When you live in it, your family will certainly decline.

Irregular rooms should not be used to make the bedroom of the bedroom unusable as the main bedroom of the couple, otherwise it will lead to the consequences of infertility.

The door to the door, facing the lustful bedroom door, is not facing the door, otherwise it is easy to induce the occupants to stay in the wrong job.

The living room is located in the middle of the house, and if the living room or the living room is located in the middle of the entire house, it is a kind of lucky elephant, which can make the family run smoothly.

Irregular Houses Do Not Do Kitchen Irregular Houses such as those used to make kitchens can affect the health of the family. Irregular houses can only be used as storage rooms.

Cross beam pressure top, affecting emotions and health beams avoid the pressure on the bed, desk and table top, can not be avoided, but also design the ceiling, to block it, otherwise it will affect the emotional and health of residents, business operations will also be blocked .

The bathroom is on the bed, beware of the hostility in the main bedroom of the evil, in addition to the bed is not facing the bathroom, the side is not good, easy to make people suffer from serious diseases.

Bedside paintings should not be used for bedside paintings to increase the elegance of the bedroom, but it is advisable to use light weight and small size to avoid heavy paintings. Otherwise, once the hooks are detached, they will be cut off and non-dead or injured.

Neat toilets can only stay in the bathroom. Toilets are the source of sewage. In addition to being in alignment with the central government, they must avoid being wet, dirty, and have bad smells. If they can keep clean and dry, they can retain their gas.

The door leads straight through to the end, and the troubles are constantly home taboo like a promenade connected to a row of several rooms, otherwise it is easy to have an affair and elopement, which is very safe.

Toilets are located at the end of the corridor. If there are corridors in the house, toilets should only be set up on the edge of the corridor. They must not be located at the end of the corridor.

Bedside open window window is a feng shui taboo, be sure to keep in mind.

Corner jetting is unfavorable to individuals in either a male or a female individual room. All corners must be avoided. Otherwise it will affect emotions and health. It is also bad for love and marriage.

Warm light bulbs are beneficial to the affectionate bedroom lights. Couples' feelings are very important. Warm light bulbs should be used as much as possible, and cold light bulbs or fluorescent lights should be used less.

Corner smashing shots, should be potted to resist the peace and health of the home, where possible, should choose to have no corners shot into the corner of the house. As a convict in his home.

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