Don't be fooled by the fancy marketing methods

51 will come, a lot of fancy promotions, so many consumers want to buy a tile is a headache, confused by the illusion, consumers are easily dragged into the water, spend a lot of money to buy a very common tile, can only regret later . So, in this "see" 7 aspects to choose the right tile for you.

Jin Yi Tao Ceramics

See the flatness of the tiles

The sides are straight, easy to spread and effective. Take out any four tiles from the packing box, and compare them on a flat surface. Whether the four bricks are even and whether the tiles are diagonally in place or not.

Then tap the surface of the tile with the palm of your hand and listen to the sound: The sound of a good tile is relatively low: the tiles that are not good are bright and have obvious reverberation. Of course, judging the sound from the sound is relative. However, the first method of comparison can not be ignored, the biggest difference between domestic and imported bricks is mainly in the specifications of tile products.

Look at the glazed tiles

Tile surfaces should be smooth and delicate; high-gloss glazed tiles should be crystal clear and glossy, and matt and semi-gloss glazes should be soft and reflective. You can try to scratch the tile surface with a hard object. If there is a scratch, it means that the glaze is not enough. After the glaze on the surface is polished, the brick surface will be easily contaminated and difficult to clean. Secondly, to see if the product size is standard, diagonal lines can be measured with calipers. Irregular tiles will not form a straight line when paving, resulting in unsightly appearance. Third, see the deformation, can be observed directly with the naked eye, look at the product side straight flat, so that the product deformation is small, easy construction, paving the brick surface flat and beautiful. Look at the pattern four, the pattern of color should be delicate, realistic, there is no obvious defects such as lack of color, broken line, dislocation.

Look at the packaging

First look at the factory name, site and trademark, so as not to buy "three no" products. Second, look at the product quality level and the size of the water absorption. In general, the lower the water absorption rate, the higher the strength and the better the frost resistance. If users purchase ceramic tiles mainly for floor covering or for outdoor wall surfaces, they must purchase products with low water absorption, such as porcelain tiles or enamel tiles.

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