Model Number FCF0004
Material Fiberglass coated with PTFE
Color Beige/gray brown/black
Thickness 0.07mm
Temperature resistance -70ºC~260ºC
Reuse times 50~100 times

Reusable toaster bag
1. Non-stick,easy to clean
2. Reusable
3. Dishwasher safe
4. Heat resistant

The toaster bags can be used in toasters, cook your food in its own juices, enuring your food is low in culories. You can use the toaster bags to make all kinds of toasted sandwich and to heat up wraps, samosas and savoury and sweet pastries such as chicken and mushroom, sausage and apple turnovers etc.
1.Cook sandwich, sweets and savoury very conveniently.
2.When heat the food, it will keep fresh ,retains its vitamins and minerals.
3.High temperature resistence.
4.Reusable and non-stick.
5.Easy to clean, Eco-friendly.
Strong points:
- Reusable, more than 50 times
- Heat-resistant up to 260ºC (500ºF)
- No need for grease - promotes healthier eating
- Easy to clean in soapy water (just turn the bag inside out)
- Complies with Food Regulations
- Because the bag is transparent, you can easily see when the food is ready