The price of custom-made curtain accessories is two or three times that of fabrics.

Recently, Ms. Yuan, who lives in the Economic Zone, is renovating her new home and picking a set of curtains she likes in a fabric store in the city. I thought that 800 yuan of cloth money accounted for the big head, Ms. Yuan thought that after the curtains were done, it would be enough for up to 1,000 yuan. Unexpectedly, when the curtains were ready to pay on January 3, the owner had to collect 3,000 yuan. After the store owner listed a series of accessories charging items for her, Ms. Yuan was stupid: the original charge for some unremarkable accessories and accessories was twice that of the cloth!

In the interview, the reporter learned that in the curtain industry, the price of accessories is higher than that of fabrics. Selling curtains mainly relies on accessories to make money is the industry's default practice. When I made it, I was confused. I didn’t ask beforehand. After the curtains were finished, I felt that many consumers were being slaughtered. The staff of the Huancui District Consumers Association reminded the public to ask about the relevant charges before buying. When purchasing curtains, you should keep relevant documents in order to protect your rights in the future.

Custom-made curtains generally only ask for cloth money

Ms. Yuan recalled that she did not ask for the price of all the accessories for the curtains when she made the curtains. When Ms. Yuan went to the store to buy curtains, the owner had been introducing her various fabrics and patterns. She also subconsciously thought that the cost of the fabric should be the majority. "The price of the fabric has been cut from 75 yuan/meter to 68 yuan/meter. I have always felt very proud. The owner said that it takes 6 meters of cloth to make the folds. I have calculated that the two curtains will cost 800 yuan. Not expensive," said Ms. Yuan.

After Ms. Yuan paid the deposit of 300 yuan, the owner told Ms. Yuan that in addition to the fabrics, punching rings and other small accessories also need to spend part of the cost. Ms. Yuan thought, anyway, it was a small accessory. It should not cost much, and it didn’t ask much. It was not until the money was paid.

In the interview, the reporter learned that many citizens have the same feelings as Ms. Yuan. The total price of finished curtains will be much higher than the estimated price when they are selected, and the amount of ingredients accounts for most of them. When paying, I feel that “It’s very embarrassing,” but when the store clearly lists the charges, the citizens are not willing to default.

The price of accessories is two or three times that of fabric

Yesterday, the reporter went to a curtain fabric shop located in Wenhua Road. There are various styles of curtains in the store. The price of each meter is attached to the curtains, generally between 20 and 40 yuan, and the highest price is only 80 yuan. After the reporter walked around for a lap, the boss asked for help. The boss replied: "Generally, customers choose the style they like. The quality of the fabric is definitely better."

The reporter took a look at a gradient curtain fabric and asked the boss how much it would cost to make a set of curtains for a 3 meter window. The boss said that it would take 500 to 600 yuan. "Isn't it only 33 yuan a meter? How is it so expensive?" asked the reporter. The boss explained: "In addition to the fabric, the other needs to spend money. 3 meters of curtains, to make wrinkles generally need to buy 6 meters of cloth. General curtains are made of two layers, the price of a layer of yarn inside is 20 yuan / meter. 6 The cloth of the rice needs at least 36 curtain rings, each ring is 4 yuan. The quality of the general track is 15 yuan / meter, the punching belt is 10 yuan / meter, the lace is 12 yuan / meter ..." This counts, the main curtain The fabric costs less than $200, but the accessories cost more than $400.

When the reporter asked if he could only buy cloth and buy the accessories to go home, the store owner said that they did not have enough stock and could not sell the fabric alone. Ms. Zhao, the owner of another store, explained to reporters that if they only sell cloth, they hardly make money, and some lose money. Therefore, they generally lower the price of fabrics and make money from seemingly inconspicuous accessories. Reporter Yan Yanjun

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“It’s better to do it yourself than to be slaughtered.” Knowing the “secret” of making money in the curtain industry, many citizens have developed such ideas. The netizen "love meter" once bought a decorative book and made a set of curtains. The netizens praised: "It’s more beautiful than buying." Plus the cost of buying books and buying materials, "love meter" made by myself. Curtains are at least half cheaper than those sold outside. "The perforation ring sold in the curtain shop requires at least 400 yuan for 100, but the price of the same quality is only 35 yuan in the wholesale store and Taobao. There are only 20 yuan." This is a lot of young people. Choose the reason for your own curtains.

Sun Yulan, a resident of Dongbei Village, Huancuilou Sub-district Office also likes to do it himself. "Our old people can't bear to spend so much money to buy curtains. I learned sewing when I was young. I often do some cloth at home." Yesterday, the reporter came to Sun Yulan's house and found that her family's curtains and curtains were made by myself. Small floral patterns, delicate laces, bow-shaped hooks, placed at home, although not as gorgeous as the curtains made outside, but the small fresh style is also a bit of a mood. "If someone comes to me to study, I will be happy to teach them." Sun Yulan said.

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