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Elm is a good building and furniture talent, not deformed, resistant to insects. Folks use carved wood to carved Buddha statues.

Camphor is a granular crystal produced by distillation of eucalyptus roots, stems, branches and leaves. Sexual temperature, Weixin; can ridicule, relieve pain, and dampness and insecticide. It is a chemical raw material camphor (molecular formula C10H16O), camphor oil (from camphor and other such as eucalyptus oil, linalool, pine oil, baicalein and by-products such as white eucalyptus oil, red eucalyptus oil, blue eucalyptus oil. Compound composition), the most important raw material species of linalool. The eucalyptus trunk and roots of the finished material contain up to 20-25% of camphor and camphor oil. China is currently the world's largest producer of eucalyptus and a camphor exporter.

Eucalyptus. Cinnamomum camphora is also known as citron, camphor tree and the like. It is the most important tree species for extracting camphor, camphor oil (camphor) and linalool. The eucalyptus trunk and roots of the finished material contain up to 20-25% of camphor and camphor oil. Folks are used to make furniture, sculptures, woodwork and home decoration.

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The camphor oil is mainly concentrated in the trunk and root of the eucalyptus tree, distilled in water, and the camphor and camphor oil are distilled off with water vapor. The white crystal obtained by condensation is coarse camphor, and the oily liquid is camphor oil. The natural camphor has the same chemical composition (Molecular Formula C10H16O) as the synthetic camphor, both powdery and lumpy. Natural camphor has a high purity and a large specific rotation. Although it is the same as the synthetic camphor component, it is difficult to completely replace it with synthetic camphor in special applications such as medicine.

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Camphor oil is mainly composed of camphor and other essential oils (such as eucalyptol, linalool, pine oil, and scutellaria) and by-products (such as white peony oil, red eucalyptus oil, and blue eucalyptus oil). A variety of terpenoids.

The camphor chemical name is anthrone-[2], and the molecular formula is C10H16O colorless to white translucent block or powder with a eucalyptus odor. Mainly used in the manufacture of celluloid, chemical paints, photographic films, explosives, spices, insecticides, medicines, etc. It can prevent insects, preserves and deodorizes. It has a fragrant smell and is also made into daily necessities by using its pharmacological and chemical toxicity of pest control, antisepsis and deodorization: mothballs, camphor balls, anti-musk tablets, net bags of aromatic balls, hanging aroma cakes, etc. for clothing, fur, books, Protective articles for specimens and files. (These products are poisoned according to the relevant national standards.

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