New media promotion in security industry

New media promotion in security industry In terms of publicity, the customer face of the security industry is relatively concentrated, and it is different from the daily objects that the target audience is the general public. It is easy to form a circle in communication. At present, professional magazines and newspapers are currently the most skilled media resources in the security industry. They are used to disseminate brands and product images, technologies, and cases. In addition, new media are gradually involved in the field of security and are increasingly being The use of. The following is an example of the more common websites, microblogs, mobile newspapers, and two-dimensional codes.

Security industry website In addition to the company's own website's communication platform, the security industry's website has a strong gathering ability, which is currently the main promotion platform for security companies on the Internet. Currently, most security industry websites use the B2B business model. There are two main purposes: One is to provide product information for Internet users, and the main function is to conduct security trades between enterprises, and to view product information on the Internet and make transactions under the line. The other is mainly to provide platforms for Internet users to understand security industry information and peer information. As the major websites are increasingly involved, the boundaries between the two are becoming more and more blurred, and the functions have formed a cross.

Weibo microblogging is like a new continent that suddenly floats in the ocean and has attracted worldwide attention. At present, most security companies, security industry media, senior security personnel, industry associations, local police, experts, professors, etc. have all registered for Weibo and have frequent interaction on Weibo. They publish industry news, national policies, and products. Technical information, business news, personal opinions, event information, etc., increase the number of fans and increase their influence.

Mobile phone news/mobile phone two-dimensional code More and more security companies began to send industry views, company information, product technology information, activity information, holiday blessings, etc. into mobile phone newspapers and send them to customers and engineering companies, so that they can keep abreast of corporate news. And new product information. Of course, mobile newspapers should be novel in production and have strong readability. Otherwise, they could easily become “junk mail” and be deleted as soon as they are received. In addition, mobile phone two-dimensional code has been used in outdoor advertising, magazine advertising, newspaper advertising, many security companies in the launch of print ads, will be attached to a two-dimensional code, mobile phone users can scan the two-dimensional code to enter the detailed introduction page, Learn about companies and products to provide a quick information channel.

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