India to develop solar silk spinning machine

In order to improve the quality of Eri silk hand spinning yarn, the Central Silk Technology Institute (CSTRI) of India has developed an economic silk spinning machine that uses solar energy to operate.

The Central Silk Technology Institute headquartered in Bangalore is affiliated with the Central Silk Bureau of the Ministry of Textiles. The ambassador introduced new machinery in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan (2012-17).

The new machinery was developed because the machine can be operated under solar power or through paddles, because the Central Silk Technology Institute believes that the machinery is useful in areas that face severe power shortages.

This new machine has a production capacity of up to 200 grams of 10-15 spinnings per day, which is almost two and a half times that of the traditional manual spinning equipment “Takli”.

This new machine not only ensures higher production capacity, but also guarantees the quality of hand-spun silk yarn. The quality of the products produced by this new device is better than that of other textile machines, a statement from the Central Silk Technology Institute of India stated.

To ensure better working conditions, this new machine addresses some of the deficiencies of earlier versions, the statement said.

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