Air purifier selection Raiders

First, you should consider the environment and the effects to be achieved. If the indoor soot is heavily polluted, you can choose to purchase an air purifier with HEPA air filter material and catalytic activated carbon. HEPA high-density filter material is one of the most advanced air filter materials in the field of indoor air purification. It can filter and adsorb pollutants above 0.3 microns. It is very strong for soot, inhalable particles and bacteria. Purification ability. Catalytic activated carbon has a better effect on the purification of odor and harmful gases. If the interior has just been renovated and formaldehyde needs to be removed, you should purchase a pollution purifier other than the decoration. In addition to the ability to remove formaldehyde, this type of purifier also has the effect of removing soot and even humidification. It is an all-round air purifier.

Second, the purification capacity of the air purifier should be considered. If the room is large, you should select an air purifier that purifies the air volume per unit time. In general, larger purifiers have a higher purification capacity. For example, a room of 30 square meters should have an air purifier of 120 cubic meters per hour. When purchasing, you can refer to the sample or the description in the manual to choose.

Third, the service life of the purifier should be considered. Due to the increase in the use time of the purifier with filtration, adsorption and catalysis, the purification capacity of the equipment is reduced, the purification capacity of the equipment is reduced, and the filter and filter are required to be cleaned. The user should select the purification with regenerative capacity. Filter the gallbladder (including highly efficient catalytically active carbon) to extend the life.

Fourth, the matching of the layout of the room with the purifier should be considered. The design of the air purifier inlet and outlet air has a 360-degree circular design, and there is also a one-way air inlet and outlet. Since the room layout will affect the purification effect, if you want to achieve randomness in the product placement, you should choose a product with a circular inlet and outlet design.

Other purchase criteria

Is it absolutely safe?

Buying an air purifier is nothing more than trying to trade it for healthy and fresh air. Whether or not to use an air purifier is a basic prerequisite for determining whether it is desirable. The air purifier's outer casing, movement and purification technology will directly affect the safety of the air purifier. Purification technology should be chosen to be the same as positive and negative ions in nature, and there are 13 foreign institutions that have certified their safety ion purification technology.

Whether it has a scientific purification principle to achieve efficient air purifier effect

There are five internationally accepted principles for air purification, physical, electrostatic, chemical, negative, and composite. In general, physical purification is the most common and effective method. For example, dust, pollen, allergens, viruses and other large particulate matter can be filtered by HEPA technology in physical purification mode; while harmful substances such as benzene, toluene, formaldehyde and other odors can be adsorbed by activated carbon in physical purification mode. To purify.

Active purification is a controversial technology internationally. Because the pollutants in the air are generally one-tenth of a percent or lower, and active purification requires a higher concentration of chemicals to be sprayed into the air, overall, even the degree of air pollution is increased. For example, the release of ozone into the air is strictly prohibited in European and American countries.

Whether to meet specific purification needs

In the case of air purifiers, the purification function is the most important function. If your requirements for indoor air purifiers are based solely on improving indoor air quality, you can choose a type that simply purifies the air and is cost effective.

With the increasing demand for quality of life, the demand for air purifiers is no longer simply to purify indoor air. For example, those who work in a closed air-conditioned room, because the air conditioning dehumidification makes the air in the room very dry and the skin becomes dry, so when choosing an air purifier, you will choose a skin-friendly function. Humidifying air purifier.

For those who have been in a long-term and indoor pollution, they need to breathe fresh air without bacteria. When purchasing an air purifier, they will prefer a small k air purifier suitable for desktop.

For those who own their own cars, they should choose car air purifiers to purify various car odors and even ease driving fatigue.

Fourth, combined with market sales and third-party authoritative certification for purchase.

A high-quality household air purifier must have the ability to remove bacteria and remove odors. When purchasing an air purifier, pay special attention to whether its sterilizing power and odor removal ability are notable. In general, sales are a key market test indicator.

In addition, under the furniture table, sofa mattresses and other places where the dirty air is concentrated, there are common floating bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, and influenza virus; the newly renovated house is covered with harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC. The purification effect of air purifiers on these harmful substances will be more convincing if verified by a third-party authority.

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