The old room decoration bathroom should pay attention to what bathroom re-decoration matters needing attention

If you have an old house that you want to redecorate, I believe that in all areas, the one that will give you the most headache is the sanitary area. If it is an old house for decades or even centuries, the bathroom will look old and old. And like the water pipes, etc. are not applicable in today, basically the owners will choose to completely redecorate. So what should pay attention to the old room decoration bathroom ? Today Xiao Bian came to explain it to everyone!

Old room decoration bathroom should pay attention to what 1

Before we reconstruct the sanitary area, we can do a waterproof test first, about 1-2 days. If there is a leak, it means that the water in the toilet must be redone, and the waterproof of the toilet must pay special attention. To check and repair later.

Old room decoration bathroom should pay attention to what 2

In the past, we often set up pedestals in the bathroom area, but it is not recommended to do so now, it is very easy to waste the following space, and it is more troublesome to clean. The bathroom cabinet will be more beautiful and practical compared to it.

Old room decoration bathroom should pay attention to what 3

The hydropower in the sanitary area is the most important and the most prone to problems, but it is also a place that we can easily overlook. We must be thorough in our inspection to see if there is any phenomenon of corrosion aging, and if so, we should replace it in time.

Old room decoration bathroom should pay attention to what 4

There is the wall and the floor, the best ware all replaced, like the original toilet for a long time, the bacteria dirty things do not say a lot, and is not beautiful, the function can not meet our current needs of life.

Xiao Bian's words: The most important thing for the restrooms is to change the old, messy, tight images. This space is also the space where our home has the most water, so we must also pay special attention to the fact that we must not be sloppy when it comes to waterproofing. The above is Xiaobian and everyone introduced the old room decoration toilet to pay attention to what the knowledge, and hope to give you some reference!

Old room decoration bathroom should pay attention to what

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