Road barrier installation is simple but important

With the improvement of people's living standards, private cars have become very popular. Today, traffic safety has become the biggest killer on the road, and installing guardrails has become the most practical and feasible defense method!
In fact, the installation of highway guardrails has resulted in a reduction in the incidence of traffic accidents and the safety of residents' trips! Highway guardrails have become road guardrails. There are many types of road guardrails. According to their different stiffnesses, they can be divided into flexible guardrails, semi-rigid guardrails and rigid guardrails. The three types of flexible guardrails generally refer to a tough guardrail structure with a relatively large buffering capacity. This is a structure that is fixed to a pillar by several cables that exert a preliminary tension, and it mainly depends on the tensile stress of the cable to absorb the energy by the collision of the vehicle. Cables work in the elastic range and basically do not need to be replaced. This type of guardrail is beautiful in appearance, and there is no feeling of pressure when the vehicle travels, but the line-of-sight induction effect is poor.
Semi-rigid guardrails generally refer to a continuous beam-and-rail guardrail structure. This is a beam structure that is fixed with struts that rely on the bending deformation and tension of the guardrail to resist vehicle collisions. According to different structures, beam guardrails can be divided into W-shaped beam guardrails, pipe beam guardrails, and box girder guardrails. All of them have a certain degree of stiffness and toughness. They absorb the impact energy through the deformation of the beam, and the damaged parts are easily replaced. They have a certain visual line induction effect and a beautiful appearance.
The rigid guardrail generally refers to a basic non-deformed guardrail structure. This is a cement concrete wall structure with a certain cross-sectional shape. It absorbs collision energy by relying on the car's height, deformation, and friction. The rigid guardrail does not deform in the event of a collision and is hardly damaged. The maintenance cost is low, but it is oppressive to drive the vehicle and it is easy to use snow in cold areas.
After the installation of the highway guardrail, the surface protective layer of the road fencing and railway fencing products is sprayed with zinc-rich epoxy powder and anti-ultraviolet poly-powder powder, and the secondary spray forms a “permanent” coating, and its anti-corruption ability is other. The lacquer layer and single layer powder layer are several times to several dozen times higher. It belongs to high technology content and is the most advanced high-end surface treatment technology in the world today. It has the outstanding features of safety, reliability, strong decorative, super corrosion resistance, simplified installation, convenient transportation, maintenance-free, high strength, impact resistance, high safety, zero pollution, etc. No chemical reactions such as rust, oxidation, etc. will occur outdoors, which will affect the aesthetic appearance and service life of the fence, eliminating the cumbersome maintenance in the future, and complying with environmental protection requirements for new technology barriers.

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