How to design a resort hotel? Resort decoration design concept

The resort is a resort center, which is specially designed to provide entertainment and enjoyment for guests. It generally has good supporting facilities. The tourist source of the resort is greatly influenced by the season. The decoration design of the resort must highlight the distinctive design. So how do you design a resort? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will bring you the resort hotel decoration design concept for your reference.

How to design a resort hotel?


Resort hotel decoration design concept 1. Follow the people-oriented: In the market situation where the trend of the times is constantly evolving and the concept of architectural planning is deepening, the resort hotel should not only consider human geography, folk customs, ecological environment and other factors in planning, design and management. Develop a rich and unique thematic style, but also reflect the "people-oriented concept", the guest is the main consumer of the hotel, the hotel design must meet the guest experience as the entry point, explore the cultural connotation and artistic conception, with personalized quality service To realize some hope and desire of human feelings, truly reflect the value of "resort hotel".

Resort hotel decoration design concept 2, structure ecological space: returning to nature is the dream of modern urban people, and leisure resort hotel is the carrier to realize this dream, it can be said that from the time of birth, the resort hotel is branded with ecology. As people's ecological and health awareness increases, this brand becomes more and more clear and active. From the outdoor environment, to the indoor layout, and even the choice of materials and equipment, we must follow the ecological principle and construct a harmonious ecological space. The resort decoration gives visitors a sense of return and the feeling of "Heaven and Man".

Resort decoration design concept 3, deep cultural connotation: Chinese culture has a long history, there are too many elements can be applied to the resort style, and the resort should not be just a simple combination of food and comfortable bedroom, but should reflect history and The inheritance of culture. For example, poetry and Zen, such as the paradise, wash the glitz of the city on vacation, immersed in the ancient and quiet feelings, returning to the inner peace and softness. Living in poetry is a feeling that every vacationer can hardly give up.


Resort decoration design concept 4, relying on folk customs: In the current construction, planning and design of resort hotels, the blind pursuit of popular, indifferent to their own context, isolation and attention to rational forms abound, but do not know that neglected is truly What you should really grasp, that is, folklore and Feng Shui culture. They give the resort a kind of spirituality that cannot be replaced and fixed to a certain place - excavation of folklore and feng shui, the resort decoration should be subtly infiltrated into the hotel's characteristic style construction, and through leisure mode, indoor and outdoor environment The innovative design of the recreation link can form a characteristic thematic atmosphere that blends with the regional culture.

Resort decoration design concept 5, pay attention to the hotel landscape: the dialogue between the resort and the scenery is mutual, should add to each other. In the overall design, if you can keep the old trees, rocks, monuments, etc. in the base as much as possible; as far as possible to maintain the best viewing angle of the historical sites near the base, the hotel's body is naturally rich, and the landscape also produces more layers, appearing There are hotels in the scenery, and there is a blend of landscapes in the hotel.

The above is how Xiaobian brings you to design a resort hotel? The whole content of the resort decoration design concept, I believe that after reading this article, you have a basic understanding of the resort decoration, if you want to know more about decoration consultation, please click to enter the decoration knowledge channel.

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