Which brand of water purifier agent is better?

Nowadays, there are many brands of water purifiers, so do you know which brand of water purifier is good ? And what brand of water purifier agent is more advantageous. Most of these people may still not quite understand that these brands of home water purifier products are of good quality and prices have advantages, and they are highly favored by consumers for their special research and development of domestic water quality. Here are the contents related to these aspects.

Which brand of water purifier is good?

An Angel water purifier

Angel is our country's water purifier manufacturer to create time will be earlier, in the early days are mainly to create drinking fountains, after the changes in the times and time after the transformation in the development of water purification equipment, production and sales. Angel water purifier has many years of technical advantages and the most advanced international production equipment, as well as automatic testing workshops, has a high status in the industry, Angel has always maintained the leading domestic high-end market.

Second, overflow think source water purifier

Yisiyuan is a brand company specializing in the production of household water purifiers in China. Its strength in the country is very strong, its status is high, and its sales volume is good. It provides stainless steel water purifiers for large brands, as well as direct drinking energy and warm water. Machines and other products OEM. To provide customers with "high quality + low price" home water purifier, deeply sought after by consumers, "price to win, the quality and quantity of" the price compared with other water purifiers have the absolute advantage of the top ten brands, quality is one of the best.

Third, the United States and the water purifier

The US brand has long been very famous in China and has thousands of sales and service points in various parts of China. The brand's influence is also very strong. As a Fortune 500 company, Midea has accumulated rich experience in R&D, production, and sales of household electrical appliances as early as 30 years ago. Although the transformation in the water purifier industry is halfway, the development speed of the water purifier in the United States exceeds people's imagination. Based on independent research and development technology and patent applications, the water purifiers in the United States are getting higher and higher rates.

Which brand of water purifier agent has an advantage

1. In 2016, the water purifier brand agency was a challenging year for many agents. The competitive pressure on the market was very large, and labor costs and raw material costs were increasing. Agents The profit margin has been repeatedly compressed. In 2017, this situation may still continue. The new year has come. Drinking machine and water purifier Yin Siyuan think that water purifier agents need to start over again and change old practices before they can stand undefeated in the market.

Second, in the previous water purifier agents they were all about the same profit, and then make profits mainly to make up for losses caused by other products. That is to say, the products of the agent company are good and bad, and there is no relationship between making profits and losing profits. As long as the income and expenditure of the latter are total profits, everything will be fine. But now this kind of thinking is likely to lead to losses, and it will surely cause itself to fall into a comprehensive loss. To solve the problem of loss, it is necessary to cut down the product and cut down the product, while at the same time adjusting the product structure to ensure the company's profit.

Third, the original variety of branded products have always gone downhill in terms of price, sales have not been a big increase in change, coupled with the attractiveness of the product has not been good, leading to income stagnation or even decline. However, today's rapid economic growth period, because the business environment is good, sales continue to increase, profits continue to increase, do not need to be particularly desperate each year, water purifier agent's financial resources will also come rolling. If you continue the previous practice, you may face losses even if you try to solve the problem.

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POM plastics,lalso named Acetals(paraformaldehyde) (semel - Stirling),

English name: Polyoxymethylene (Polyformaldehyde),POM mainly has antistatic POM, conductive POM,POM+PTFE SHEET.


POM  plastics (polyformaldehyde resin) definition: polyformaldehyde is a linear polymer with no side chain, high density and high crystallographic properties.

According to the different chemical structures in the molecular chain, there are two kinds of homoformaldehyde and copolymerization.

One of the synthetic resin, also known as polyformaldehyde resin, POM plastic, and steel, etc.

POM/Acetals Plastic is a kind of white or black plastic granule with high hardness, high steel and high abrasion resistance.

Mainly used for gears, bearings, auto parts, machine tools, instruments, etc.



1. Excellent abrasion and creep resistance property;

2. High dimensional and shape stability;

3. Retains toughness under low temperature (-40°C);

4. Resistant to organic solvents; Insoluble under normal temperature;

5. Thermal deformation temperature is close to that of PC plastic, PTFE plastic and nylon plastic;

6. High compressive strength, second only to Glass Fiber;

7. Good sliding property; wear resistant; non-water absorbent;



1. Not resistant to acids, especially to mineral acids;

2. Not resistant to UV;

3. Not self-extinguishing, and thus must be kept away from fire;

4. Not resistant to impact. 



1. Sliding parts: bearing and lining, roller, conveyor chain;

2. Precision mechanical components: gear, cam, coupler, idler roller;

3. Waterproof components: impeller, pump case, gasket;

4. Electrical parts: guide pulley, spring lock;

5. Fixture, lever, handle, knob and other jig materials.


Modified POM/Acetals Plastic


reinforced POM/Acetals Plastic

Main reinforced material such as glass fiber, glass or carbon fiber, and glass fiber is the most commonly used, the enhanced mechanical performance can be improved 2 ~ 3 times, heat distortion temperature increased by more than 50 ℃.



High lubrication POM POM/Acetals Plastic

In POM, graphite, F4, molybdenum disulfide, lubricating oil and low molecular weight PE are added to improve the lubrication performance

Combustion characteristics: easy to burn, continue to burn after fire, the upper end of the flame is yellow, the lower end is blue, and the melting drop, the strong irritating formaldehyde flavor, the fish smell

Specification: the thickness of sheet material can be produced from 0.3mm to 1.9mm, the normal width is 600mm, the width cannot exceed 1200mm, the length is not limited.
The thickness of plate can be produced from 2mm to 180mm, the usual specification of 2-10mm is 1000mm* 2000mm, and the commonly used specification of 10-180mm is 600*1200mm.

POM/Acetals Plastic can also be customized according to requirements, and the width cannot exceed 1200mm, and the length is not limited.and The diameter of the rod can be produced from 2mm to 250mm, the length is 1 meter, and POM/Acetals Plastic can be ordered to be more than 3 meters in length.
Color: Black ,white beige and brown, can also be made another color, and the color order is 500KG.

Modified varieties: can be added to the glass fiber, copper powder, and molybdenum disulfide enhancement plate according to customer's requirements.
Add antistatic agent to the permanent plate, the volume resistance value of 10 to the 6 to 9 power.
Add flame retardant to the flame retardant board from UL 94v-0 to HB combustion grade, and other modification requirements are required to customize various additional properties according to the actual use of the customer.
Product certification: most environmental certification reports and safety reports for raw materials, such as SGS report, CTI report, UL report, MSDS safety information, etc.


POM/Acetals/Derlin Plastic Sheet

POM Plastic Sheet,Copolymer Acetal Sheet,Acetal Plastic Rod,Extruded Antistatic POM Sheet

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