What is EBS? What are the specific uses in plastic processing?

Due to the presence of polar amide groups in the EBS molecule, EBS has a process lubrication and a low temperature anti-sticking effect on the polymer resin. EBS can be inserted into the interior of the polymer resin to reduce the interaction of the resin molecules and act as an internal lubricant. On the other hand, EBS can be rubbed against the metal surface by the mutual friction between the processing equipment in the resin melt. For external lubrication.

Therefore, EBS mainly uses lubricating release agent in plastic processing to improve the quality of plastic products and improve the appearance of products. Secondly, it also plays a role of anti-sticking, smoothing, antistatic, improving pigment dispersion and assisting stability.

ECB (blend ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer with asphaltic resin) waterproofing roll material is the first choice  of  domestic and overseas tunnel and dam waterproofing projects. It' s the ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer by two-section extrusion three-roller calendering manufacturing. belong to environmental protection material.


Performance Characteristics:

Flexibility, cold resistance, flexibility, stress crack resistance, light weight.

Executive Standard:

TB/T 3306.1-2014        GB18173.1-2012


Thickness: 1.0-3.0mm Width: 1- 3m


Especially suitable for the waterproof material  of  dome inner surface. also can be used to tunnel lining ,  underground project various construction joints drainage and aterproof. and blind drain drainage.

ECB Waterproofing Roll Material

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