100 square meters of house decoration to how much money new home renovation should pay attention to what

How to decorate the house? Presumably most of the people's decoration for the new house is psychologically out of line. It is true that renovation is not an easy task, especially if a house with a slightly larger area such as 100 square meters is not easy to be renovated, not only is it costly, but also there are many details to be noticed. How much is the 100 square meter house decoration ? What should you pay attention to in your new home decoration? Let's take a look.

100 square meters of house decoration how much money

The number of decoration companies currently on the market is innumerable, and the difference between good and bad is also very large. Some companies offer 5-6 million, and some are more than 100,000, all kinds of quotes have. Therefore, there is no standard answer for the 100 square meters of house decoration . The different decoration styles have different budgets. Different decoration methods and prices are different. And these decoration prices only include the decoration of the design costs, coal, water, electricity, heating pipe diversion and replacement costs, as well as scraping white, tiling, installation of sanitary ware, lamps, installation of doors and other labor costs.

The following small series for everyone to briefly introduce the next 100 square meters of the house decoration how much money :

1.100 square meters Lite installment fee: about 60,000 yuan

The simple decoration project will only install the kitchen and toilet facilities and equipment, other rooms only install the floor and the door, at the same time scrape the four walls and wear the pipeline; its duration is about 2 months, the shortest one and a half months to complete .

2.100 square meters mid-range decoration costs: 10 million

In the mid-range decoration, not only will the kitchen and bathroom be renovated, but also the main material selection range and environmental protection will be improved. If the decoration budget is well controlled, it can also include some simple furniture. After the decoration, it can be directly admitted; about two and a half months to three months. Can be renovated.

3.100 square meters of high-grade decoration costs: 15 million

More luxurious decoration projects, including expansion of paperback, mid-range decoration projects, as well as luxury furniture, etc., can be compared to the star hotel to live in the feeling; decoration style can have their own choice of decoration; about 3 months - 4 months You can finish it right or left.


New home decoration should pay attention to what

1. Floor tiles should not be too low

Floor tiles are a major expense in home furnishings. However, in order to save money, many salaried families are willing to spend money to buy spotlights but are reluctant to spend money on high-end floor tiles. This is actually a major misunderstanding. First of all, the floor tiles are easy to wear parts, if only the map is not durable and durable, it will be scarred over time, then it is difficult to change; Second, cheap floor tiles are often not slippery, it is easy to slip in a clean and sanitary , causing injuries outside the accident. Therefore, when buying floor tiles, do not plan to be cheap, at least buy mid-range.

2. Buy wires, pipes do not want cheap

In the entire housing renovation, wires and pipes are also a big expenditure. Many people often choose not to pay attention to quality but instead value the price. This is another major mistake. If the quality of wires and water pipes fails to meet the standards, there will be security risks after decoration, and more losses will have to be replaced. Therefore, when purchasing electric wires and pipes, you should purchase high quality ones.

3. Do not leave too few power outlets

Many homes count their power outlets as the first item in projects that can save the province. Some people think that saving one outlet also saves wires. This practice is wrong. First of all, with the development of electrical appliances, more and more homes, too few sockets, then you need to use external plugs, which is more unfavorable for safe use of electricity, but also affect the appearance.

4. Do not leave drawing without wiring

After a house is renovated, in order to beautify the house, it is usually necessary to hang some ornaments or drawings. When hanging these decorative paintings on the wall, nails or hooks may need to be nailed to the wall. In this case, distribution maps of power and water lines must be laid out to avoid damage to power lines and water pipes.

5. Do not have a herd mentality

When working families pay for their homes, they generally do not have the habit of spending money to invite people to design. Most of their decoration designs are based on the people around them. This is actually a mistake. The correct approach should be to display the beauty of individuality in the interior decoration, determine the decoration characteristics with their own hobbies and aesthetic tastes, overcome the herd mentality, and arrange a distinctive new home.

6. Renovation try not to leave "tail"

Many people in the decoration have the attitude of saving the province on the material, and they also take the saving measures in the decorating project. Some of the projects that should have been completed at the same time, many people often do not engage in it for the time being. This is actually wrong. First of all, it is very inconvenient to move in and renovate them, and then these projects are not completed in time. In addition, too few projects make it difficult to hire construction teams. Even if they are hired, they will have to pay a high price. This is actually a drag. Pile of trouble. Therefore, when decorating, it is best not to leave a "tail" for those projects that are not completed.

Editor's Note: The above is about 100 square meters of house decoration and how new house decoration should pay attention to the introduction, although we are very concerned about the cost of the renovation of the house, but the purpose is still hope that value for money, so the decoration can be good Notice.

100 square meters decoration home decoration budget decoration budget how to do

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