Surface roughness teaching template

Most machined surfaces must control microscopic geometry errors, ie surface roughness. Because it has a great influence on the performance and life of the part, in order to ensure the quality of the part, the surface roughness of the part must be assessed. There are currently two methods for assessing surface roughness in the production process, namely qualitative evaluation and quantitative evaluation. The quantitative evaluation method is to directly measure various evaluation parameters of the surface roughness of the parts by means of various instruments such as a light-cutting microscope, a double-tube interferometer and an electric profilometer. These quantitative detection instruments are expensive and difficult to use, and belong to the field of surface roughness microscopic inspection, which is suitable for the measurement of a few special requirements of machined parts. The qualitative evaluation method mainly uses visual or tactile method to evaluate the surface roughness of the part, that is, according to the surface roughness.


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