Application of UGNX in automotive stamping die cover and its mold design (2)

(5) Smooth control of curved surfaces

Due to the high requirements of the appearance of the cover product, and the need for mold forming and structural finite element optimization analysis meshing, the surface smoothness of the product is required to be good. In order to ensure the smoothness of the surface, the original 3D contour can be restored to the 2D contour by using extension, projection, etc., and the detail part can be deleted, and then the "reconstructed" surface can be constructed. The surface trimming method is used to obtain the outer contour of the surface. When constructing a surface, check the condition of the surface you are constructing at any time. Pay attention to check whether the surface is smooth, distorted, or changed in curvature, so that it can be modified in time. The method of checking the surface smoothing can use the rendering process of the formed surface, that is, the high-resolution realistic and well-observed color image is generated by the processing methods such as perspective, transparency, and multiple light sources, and then according to the processed image brightness. The distribution law determines the smoothness of the surface. If the brightness of the image is relatively uniform, the smoothness of the surface is good. If the brightness of the image in a certain area changes greatly compared with other areas, the smoothness of the surface is poor. In addition, the contour Gaussian curvature line on the surface can be displayed, and the color raster image of the Gaussian curvature can be displayed. The shape and distribution of the contour Gaussian curvature line, the light and dark areas of the color raster image and the changes can be visually understood to understand the smoothness of the surface.

Third, UGNX/CAM cover mold design and numerical control programming

1.SMC molding cover mold design

UnigrahpicsNX provides mold design functions based on expert systems such as Mold Wizard, Die Engineer and Progressive Die Wizard. The mold specialist design system incorporates the mold designer's experience and system. Developers' wisdom, using them can speed up mold design and improve product design quality. The following is a brief introduction of some mold expert design systems provided by UGNX system.

(1) UGNX Die Casting Engineering (UG/Die engineering)

It is a module developed by UG for automotive sheet metal stamping die design. Its functions include the definition of stamping process, the design of stamping process parts, such as the adjustment of pressure center, the design of process addendum, and the drawing of the press surface. Design and distribute molding processes to help users complete the design of stamping dies. At the same time, it provides a complete progressive die design environment, which encapsulates the expert knowledge of mold design. Based on the UG/WAVE correlation design technology, the system automatically extracts the sheet metal features, and makes the strip layout and the part geometry geometrically realize the design information. Integration. From the beginning of the project, the system can complete the strip layout, waste design, mold frame selection, functional component design and standard parts selection. The provided customer mold base library, standard parts library and insert library accelerate the progressive die structure. The speed of design increases the quality and efficiency of the design.

(2) UGNX injection mold design (MoldWizards)

Integrating the experience of mold experts, providing practical design process, parametric graphic construction, engineers with less experience in mold design can also make mold designers quickly complete products, convex and concave molds and molds under the step-by-step navigation design. A series of processes for the design and assembly of frames and standard parts. Improve the design quality of the product while significantly shortening the process cycle and reducing production costs. The system delivers data in 3D products, and the flexible and flexible mechanism design makes the design mold work more flexible. Through the establishment of mold design engineering, mold clusters, establishing coordinate system, setting shrinkage rate, setting convex and concave mold blank size, mold auxiliary tools and parting, calling standard mold base library and standard parts, designing slider and ejection mechanism, setting pouring The flow channel and cooling system, design electrode, mold assembly and parts list BOM are quickly completed to design the mold and standard parts to the NC programming environment.

Due to the SMC forming hot pressing die, its structure is similar to that of the stamping die, and it also has the characteristics of the injection mold, such as the heating system and the core structure. When using UGNX to design the mold of the cover, it is necessary to use the function according to the structural characteristics of the product. For example, the design of the outer surface of the outer skin of the thickness can directly use the mold parting provided by the UGNX mold expert system. Features to complete. The SMC molding equipment mainly includes a hydraulic machine and a mold. The overall design of the mold structure is composed of a convex and concave mold, a heating system, an ejection mechanism, a trimming mechanism, and a core-feeding mechanism. SMC forming molds mainly have two structures: semi-overflow vertical type and semi-overflow level analysis.

2.SMC molding cover mold CNC programming

Unigrahics NX/CAM consists of 8 important components: 3D modeling, tool path design, tool path editing and modification, machining simulation, post processing, CNC programming template, cutting parameter library design and secondary development function interface. The Unigraphics NX system provides the CNC programming template Shops_diemould for the mold. It sets the pre-processing sequence, process parameters and cutting parameters. For similar parts processing objects, the application template can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of the mold NC programming. For new product objects, simply call the template file, select the geometry you want, and start the process. Users can easily obtain expert-level manufacturing process guidance from the template through the processing wizard. All the content can be provided to the inexperienced user very simply and effectively, which is beneficial to absorb the experience of others. Through the wizard, the predefined template can be activated. And quickly generate CNC machining tool trajectories through simple interaction.

The system provides point machining programming for drilling cycle, tapping and boring; it has a variety of contour machining, contour cutting, row cutting and island machining plane milling programming functions; it provides fixed 3 to 5 coordinate complex surfaces. The axis and variable axis machining programming function can control the vector direction of the tool axis arbitrarily, and has various tool path control modes such as surface contour, contour stratification, parameter line machining, curved streamline, steep slope, and surface clearing. UGNX milling can finish roughing single or multiple cavities, roughing large shapes along the shape of any similar core, generating tool trajectories for very complex shapes, determining the way of the pass, and milling through tolerance cavities. The machining design has low precision, and there are gaps and overlapping shapes between the curved surfaces. When the surface of the cavity can be up to hundreds, and the profile is abnormal, it can be corrected by itself or processed within the tolerance range specified by the user. Cavity and other functions. Using the milling programming function, the user can complete the 3-axis simultaneous machining tool path, machining area selection function, various driving methods and the determination of the cutting mode, such as cutting along the boundary, radial cutting, spiral cutting and user-defined cutting, driving along the boundary. In the mode, you can choose a variety of cutting methods such as concentric circle and radial walking, provide up-cutting, down-milling control and spiral feeding mode, and automatically identify the unprocessed area and steep area that cannot be cut in the previous process, so that the user can further Cleaning these places, its milling programming can simulate the tool path, generate the location file, the user can accept and store the location file, or delete and modify some parameters as needed and recalculate.

Unigraphics NX/CAM is used for CNC machining of product parts. The flow is generally as follows: first, call the product part to load the blank, call the system template or user-defined template; then create the machining program, define the machining object, and design the tool. Define the machining method to generate the corresponding machining program; the user establishes the tool path generation method according to the content of the machining program, such as the specific content of the machining object, the tool guiding mode, the cutting step distance, the spindle rotation speed, the feed amount, The cutting angle, the advance and retracting point, the interference surface and the safety plane are generated to generate the tool path; after the tool path is simulated, the corresponding editing, copying and copying functions are provided to provide programming efficiency; after all the tool path design is qualified, the process is performed. Post-processing generates the machining code of the corresponding CNC system for DNC transmission and CNC machining.

Fourth, summary

Through the description of this article, we can see that UnigraphicsNX is a representative of the 3D parametric hybrid modeling CAD/CAM/CAE integrated software system, and its function is very powerful. Due to the limitation of space, we are not able to exhaust all of its functions. We can only present the representative, representative and wonderful parts we have used. There are some unsatisfactory places, and we hope that everyone will have more exchanges.

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