Automatic positioning function in the coordinate machine

Our company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of aluminum alloy automobile wheels. Since August 2000, our company has turned from motorcycle wheels to automobile wheels with broader market prospects. At present, the valve hole position of the automobile wheel, the position of the PCD, the assembly size and the shape tolerance of the bayonet cover, and the safety performance of the wheel are always one of the most concerned issues of many customers. In addition to the special requirements of the customer, we also need to perform regular full-scale inspection and functional testing of all products of the OEM in accordance with the requirements of the system documentation. However, it is difficult to meet the above requirements and customer needs with just conventional gauges. Therefore, our company purchased a MISTRIAL 7.7.5 CMM from Qingdao Qianshao Langpu Measurement Technology Co., Ltd. in October 2003. but

Double Wire Fence

Double Wire Fence,Triangular Bending Wire Mesh Fence,Double Wire Mesh Fence

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