Steps to change screens and issues to be aware of

In the summer, mosquitoes will appear. Human beings are actually afraid of mosquitoes. It is not that they can absorb much blood, but that they can disturb everyone's sleep at night, and itching is difficult. Therefore, every household must install a screen window, which is not only to prevent mosquitoes, but also to prevent flies and various insects. However, if the window screen is used for a long time, there will be a lot of dust, and it will always have small damage to the corners. Not only is it not beautiful, but mosquitoes will also come in from those damaged places. In fact, at this time, you can change the screen window yourself. So today, Xiaobian explains for everyone how to change the screen window and some problems that should be paid attention to when changing the screen window.

Steps for changing screens

1. First remove the old screen, generally do not need to replace the entire screen, but replace the screen. At this time, we can find a word, lift the bead in the frame of the old screen, and pull the whole strip, then the whole screen will fall off.

2. Then we need to prepare new window screens and beading. We only need to buy a pack of strips that can be replaced with many windows. At the same time, it is necessary to prepare a tool roller tool for installing the bead into the screen window and a word.

3. Cut the two sides of the newly purchased screen and the inner frame of the screen frame, and cut the part where the bead needs to be fixed. Prepare the bead and place the bead along the depression in the inner frame of the screen and above the screen. Then press the bead into the roller tool. At some corners, you can press in with a word.

4. When fixing the third and fourth sides, the window screen needs to be tightened, and the bead is pressed in, and the excess bead is pressed in, and the tail is pressed in by a word, and the excess screen is used as a knife. Cut off.

Problems needing attention when changing screens

1. The screen window is not that we can install it without leaving it. Although the screen window is not easy to stain, we should clean it regularly. It not only plays a role in cleaning, but also protects it from some corrosives.

2. We should also spray some lubricant on the track of the screen window. It is also a way to protect the screen window so that it is not destroyed and needs to be replaced.

3. If invisible screens are installed in the home, then we must pay attention to ensure the correction of the horizontal and vertical directions of the screen. And the inside and outside of the window need to be sealed to prevent water seepage.

In fact, changing screens is a very simple matter. As long as we know what tools to use, how to use them, everything is very simple. You don't need to spend money, light professionals to change. But if the home is installed with more complicated invisible screens, it is a bit complicated, or ask someone to change it.

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