Inappropriate perspective on the purchase of safes

One: Coveted cheap safe is not an ordinary decoration. As the saying goes, “a penny, a goods” is also the same as a safe. With the same size cabinet, the price has a difference of more than ten times. It can be seen that the quality is not ordinary and the shield is safe. It is suggested that general companies should purchase safes of around 50cm, and prices between 2000-5000 yuan will guarantee the company's valuables. Three or five hundred cups of cabinets are generally not to be used well. Unless you just want a decoration.
II: There is no need for a safe at home. According to statistics, the proportion of domestic households purchasing safes is about 20%, while the share of domestic safes in some developed countries abroad is as high as 50%-60%, and the family’s home valuables are stored and kept. The weak sense of security can not be ignored, and the upscale community is also one of the places visited by thieves. Therefore, the home-decorated safe is a good place for storing valuables.
Three: The safer the more the safer, some friends feel that buying a safe (counter) is as heavy as possible! This is not the case. First of all, if it is made of steel plate, the quality of locks and accessories is almost the same, so the heavier the better! On the contrary, if you take a ratio between a safe with a cement inside and a steel, it is very likely that it will be loaded with cement. Say that the customer is buying insurance and buying it with confidence! Instead of buying a cement mortar wrapped in a thin metal sheet. Again, to buy a safe (cabinet) is different in style, there must also be a difference in weight, consumers should buy a size and style suitable for their own choice, rather than just pay attention to weight, such as the ground if the floor is installed, Heavy safes can easily crush the floor. When safes are becoming more and more at home, the weight is no longer the most important factor for safes, and the weight may be half that of the original safes, and the ability to withstand attacks is several times higher than before. Therefore, the quality of the overall performance can measure the quality of the product better than a pure weight index. Therefore, when consumers buy safes, they have the right method to measure quality in order to get out of the buying error and purchase products that are truly suitable for them.
Four: Safes, information cabinets, and magnetic cabinets are the same information cabinets that many companies now have. Many people think that there is no safe for information cabinets. In fact, safes and information cabinets are different. Safes are mainly used Anti-theft, some fire along the way. Therefore, emphasis is placed on the precision of locks, the thickening of manufactured steel products, and the strengthening of anti-theft performance such as the thickening of lock bolts. Information cabinets are mainly used to store media with important information, such as paper, disks, optical disks, and precision instruments. Therefore, it focuses on the enhancement of functions such as fire prevention, moisture proof, antimagnetic, and antistatic. The main functions of the safe: anti-theft and fire prevention; The main functions of the information cabinet: fire prevention and anti-magnetic. Magnetically shielded cabinets are mainly to prevent the discs from being magnetized.
Five: The safe can be kept clean in appearance at ordinary times. Many customers who do not need maintenance have put it on the safe after they have been put there. No matter how they are used, they may be left alone for several months. In fact, the safe is also need to maintain, I will talk about the daily maintenance of the safe below: to keep confidential and keep open the password; to protect the "management key"; to keep the manufacturer service phone; to keep the keyhole clean, do not force open The battery should be changed regularly; to avoid strong impact caused by the alarm affect the work and life; please properly placed in inconspicuous position; please choose to install the network alarm device. The correct use and maintenance methods can protect the safe in terms of service life and appearance.

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Chemical Composition (%) 
Grade C Mn P S Si Cr Mo Ni
WP5 Class 1 & Class 3 ≤0.15 0.3-0.6 ≤0.04 ≤0.03 ≤0.5 4-6 0.44-0.65
WP9 Class 1 & Class 3 ≤0.15 0.3-0.6 ≤0.03 ≤0.03 ≤1 8-10 0.9-1.1
WP11 Class 1 0.05-0.15 0.3-0.6 ≤0.03 ≤0.03 0.5-1 1-5 0.44-0.65
WP11 Class 2 & Class 3 0.05-0.2 0.3-0.8 ≤0.04 ≤0.04 0.5-1 1-5 0.44-0.65
WP12 Class 1 & Class 2 0.05-0.2 0.3-0.8 ≤0.045 ≤0.045 ≤0.6 0.8-1.25 0.44-0.65
WP22 Class 1 & Class 3 0.05-0.15 0.3-0.6 ≤0.04 ≤0.04 ≤0.5 1.9-2.6 0.87-1.13
WP91 0.08-0.12 0.3-0.6 ≤0.02 ≤0.01 0.2-0.5 8-9.5 0.85-1.05 ≤0.4
WP911 0.09-0.13 0.3-0.6 ≤0.02 ≤0.01 0.1-0.5 8.5-10.5 0.9-1.1 ≤0.4
Mechanical properties 
Item Tensile Strength (MPa) Yield Strength (MPa) Elongation%
WP5 Class 1 415-585 ≥205 ≥20
WP5 Class 3 520-690 ≥310 ≥20
WP9 Class 1 415-585 ≥205 ≥20
WP9 Class 3 520-690 ≥310 ≥20
WP11 Class 1 415-585 ≥205 ≥20
WP11 Class 2  485-655 ≥275 ≥20
WP11  Class 3 520-690 ≥310 ≥20
WP12 Class 1  415-585 ≥220 ≥20
WP12 Class 2 485-655 ≥275 ≥20
WP22 Class 1 415-585 ≥205 ≥20
WP22 Class 3 520-690 ≥310 ≥20
WP91 585-760 ≥415 ≥20
WP911 620-840 ≥440 ≥20

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