Kitchen decoration 9 big mistake she said don't do this

In everyday life, the frequency of use of the kitchen is very high. Therefore, the renovation of the kitchen must ensure the quality, not only the quality of the hardware, but also in the use of the convenience and comfort of "quality." However, renovations often leave regrets. Many people have inconvenienced their use in the future because of poor consideration in the kitchen renovation. Today Xiao Bian came to help everyone avoid these problems.

First, the stove is too close to the door, unless you like to "smoking"

Some people conveniently pass the dishes and set the stove close to the door. When you open and close the door, the wind can easily blow out the fire, and fumes can easily float into the restaurant. However, some people disperse it as soon as possible for fumes and set the stove below the window, which is also very dangerous.

The location of the stove should be close to the exterior wall so that it is easy to install the hood. The location in front of the window is best left to the conditioning station, because this part of the work spends the most time, looking up at the scenery outside the window, blowing warm winds, so that cooking also has a good mood.

Second, you think everyone is Yao Ming, ah, the height of the console is different

Now all homes in most homes use a uniform height of 80 centimeters or slightly adjust to the height of the main operator. But for every job in the kitchen, not all of this height is very comfortable.

Kitchen countertops should be designed to have different heights depending on the work area. While some countertops are lower, it would be better. If the user likes to do spotting, then the table that is commonly used to make face points can reduce the height by 10cm. However, in the design of cabinets, it is not possible to excessively pursue changes in height, especially in smaller kitchens. Excessive changes will affect the overall appearance.

Third, if you often cook Chinese food, don’t set the stove on the island bench

Island-type designs are increasingly being used in open kitchens. If your kitchen is just a display, this pattern will make you satisfied, but when cooking Chinese food, the fumes in the pan will splash everywhere, each meal down, the island table, and even the nearby ground is very greasy.

For the Chinese, the island-type workbench is best used as a console to prepare and condition the food for each meal. If you must design the cooking area on the island, it is recommended that you only use water and soup here, and on the balcony or other areas. A large firepower eye was placed in the area to cook Chinese food.

Fourth, physical exercise is good, but U-shaped kitchen is too far away from the pool and stove

The general kitchen workflow will be processed after washing, and then cooking, it is best to design the pool and the stove in the same process line, and the functional area between the two is connected with a straight-through table, can be used as a console.

For example, in a U-shaped kitchen, the pool and the cooktop are respectively arranged on the two long sides of the U-shape, or in the island-type kitchen, one is placed along the wall, and the other is placed on the island-shaped workbench. Hot pots, washed vegetables, and freshly cooked noodles must often be moved between the sink and the cooktop, and the water in the pan will fall on the floor between them.

5. The pool and stove are placed in the corner, which may affect the chef's play.

The design of some kitchens is very unreasonable. The flue is in the form of a wall sill, and the gas pipeline is reserved near the flue. Many people take it for granted to place the stove close to the flue wall. In this way, the operator's elbows will often poke on the wall when cooking, otherwise they can only extend their arms or give up the use of the wall stove to cook food. Placing the pool on the wall will bring the same trouble.

Therefore, the pool or stove must be at least 40 cm away from the wall to allow enough space for the operator to work freely. This space can be connected with countertops to become a convenient and useful working platform. Below the pool, it is best to place a dishwasher and a trash can, while an oven is placed under the stove. This combination will bring more convenience to use.

Kitchen decoration

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