Curtains share skills to let more people feel the beauty

In the afterglow of the sunset, the wind blows in from the window, and the half-open curtain flutters with the wind. You sit in the living room and hold a beloved book in your hand. The more "dancing" the floating curtains became, the more interest it was that you were attracted by the curtains. Suddenly a smile appeared on your face, thinking that the curtains would be a good match. You quickly came to the table and wrote a pen to write down the curtains and matching techniques. I hope that more people can appreciate this beauty.

Curtains with a skill: curtain color coordination

When choosing the color of curtains, the color of the curtains should be coordinated with the main colors of the entire space. As an ornament with obvious effects, the choice of curtains can't be based solely on their own preferences. The most important thing is the combination of the whole.

The choice of curtain color should also consider the purpose and season of the room. The living room should be selected in dark colours and look like a big party. Older room, optional dark flowers and bright colors. In the rooms of the newlyweds, the color of the curtains should be bright and bright to add a festive atmosphere. In terms of seasons, spring and autumn are suitable for medium color, such as beige, light dark green, yellowish, pink, etc.; summer, white, beige, light gray, sky blue, lake green, etc. are preferred; in winter, brown, dark green, and purple are preferred. , dark coffee and other colors.

Curtains with Tip Two: Choose the Right Fabric

When choosing the texture of the curtains, the function of the room should be considered first. For example, the bathroom and the kitchen must select a fabric that is more practical and easy to clean, and the style strives to be simple and smooth. The living room and restaurant can choose luxurious and beautiful fabrics. The curtains in the bedroom are places where we should be more diligent. It requires thick, warm and safe to ensure the privacy of life and sleep comfort. The curtains in the study have to be light-transmitting, bright, and elegant in color, so that they can feel steady in their mood and are conducive to work and study.

Choosing the texture of curtain fabrics should also consider the seasonal factors. In the summer, curtains should be made of soft yarn or silk to keep them breathable and cool. In the winter, thick and thick piles should be used to make them thick and warm. Cloth curtains are suitable for all seasons, but they are particularly lively in spring. Clearly.

Different textures of curtain fabric will produce different decorative effects. Velvet, satin, jacquard, and lace decorations will give people a sense of grandeur and grandeur. Checkercloths, corduroy, and homespun fabrics create a comfortable and comfortable style. Curtain fabrics should not be too smooth and shiny, because such fabrics tend to reflect light, irritate eyes, and give people a feeling of cold.

Curtains with skills three: the choice of curtain patterns, patterns

There are many factors to consider when choosing curtain patterns and patterns. In addition to the overall style of the room, it is also related to the size of the window, the function of the room, and so on.

If the windows are relatively short, it is recommended to select the vertical pattern, so that the visual effect will increase the effect of space, if you choose the horizontal pattern, it will make windows look shorter. In addition, curtains used in small-sized windows are not suitable for designs with larger patterns.

The curtains of the old man's room should have a pattern that favors a calm style. Younger room curtains, patterns can choose more fashionable styles. Children's room curtains, patterns can choose lively, childlike style.

Curtains with Tip 4: Window Orientation Affects Curtain Types

There are many kinds of curtains, such as blinds, drapes, Roman blinds, bamboo blinds, and so on. One of the functions of the curtains is to block the sunlight. Therefore, the orientation of the windows in the living room also affects what kind of curtains we choose to install.

The east window can always gather a lot of light in the morning when the sun rises. Therefore, when selecting curtains in the east window, we must grasp the light transmission of the curtains, and neither cover the sunlight completely nor allow the sunlight to be too dazzling. Therefore, curtains on the east side of the window can be selected with soft textured venetian blinds or vertical curtains.

In the west of the window, the setting sun shines directly, especially in the summer, and the light is strong. Therefore, the window on the west side should choose a curtain that can weaken the light intensity. The specially treated light-blocking curtains are a good choice. Its material can refract the sunlight and reduce the intensity of sunlight.

Curtains with home

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