Franfinti's French style

Flange? The theme of the Fendi furniture series and European French cultural elements, the famous European and American furniture designers were influenced by the beautiful ancient Seine River during the French holiday. The ancient and beautiful Seine River is like a green ribbon, which brings together many fascinating treasures of the world. Along the Seine, the most important sights of Paris: the majestic, solemn and mysterious "Notre Dame de Paris", the symbol of Paris - the "Eiffel Tower", the "Louvre" that has preserved centuries of ancient civilization .......... The history of Paris, the culture of Paris, the art of Paris, the romance of Paris, the chicness of Paris, and the splendid flow on both sides of the Seine. So the classic "French Fanti" of French furniture came into being.


The home is the intrinsic manifestation of status, when the rigorous attitude, good education is recognized, flange? Fendi's recognition is best reflected in the home, the fine details detail the soft and delicate character, the noble and elegant home atmosphere brings a gentle and thoughtful gentleman temperament, this is the performance of the home, but also your performance.

People still don't know about the pursuit of fashion and classics. In Linjiang Villa, you may find the flange in your carelessness . Finti 's rare, noble figure, elegant temperament, graceful posture, calm in the dazzling, restrained in the publicity.


Flange? Fendi is all solid wood, hand-carved to open the French palace furniture and modern life, leading the green home, creating a low-carbon life.

Flange? The classic of Fendi French furniture, she not only conveys a noble and fashionable lifestyle, but also allows us to experience a classical art style, as if in the "Golden Hall" of European classical music. Let [Flange? Fendi] became a flowing note.

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