Solar Lake Ecological Wastewater Treatment System in Hangzhou West Lake District

Walking along the Qiantang River embankment, the junction of the Qiantang River, Fuchun River, and Puyang Jiangsanjiang is the Dongjiangzui Village of Shuangpu Township, Xihu District.

Dongjiangzui Village has 968 households and 3,887 residents. It is the largest administrative village in the Xihu District. The roads in the village are not wide and the buildings are not neat, but the greening of roads and the ecological environment make people feel relaxed and happy. As the cold wind blows, dead leaves from the trees fall into the river that passes through the village.

It is hard to imagine that the river was seriously polluted more than a year ago. It also affected the Qiantang River. The residents of the village suffered greatly. Residents living on the river did not even dare to open windows, let alone wash and wash. It's rice.

“In the past, here was the 'smelling ditch', and domestic sewage was directly discharged into river channels. Garbage and excrement were floating on the river surface. It was dirty and black and smelly. Sometimes the sewage was drained into the Qiantang River and the river water was contaminated.” The changes in the waterways at the doorway were deeply felt by the native-born Kong Qinggao. “Now through high-tech sewage treatment, our village is not the same thing.” He pointed to an open-air photovoltaic panel in the distance and said with a smile.

Dong Shizui village party committee secretary Kong Shihai made an introduction for us. “This is a new solar energy wastewater treatment project in the village. It has a total area of ​​about 300 square meters and can handle more than 100 households and nearly 500 people's domestic sewage.” This set of equipment Solar energy is used as the energy source, and solar energy photoelectric conversion technology is used to provide power for aeration, aeration, agitation, reflux, etc. in the treatment of rural domestic sewage, and to achieve a deep and reliable treatment of wastewater.

“This solar energy wastewater treatment project, we do not need to go to the scene to detect, only need remote control can be maintained.” Deng Ye, general manager of Zhejiang Zhejiang University Water Industry Co., Ltd. responsible for design and maintenance, now operating in the computer room You can easily check the operation and reduce labor costs.

The green belt next to the solar energy sewage treatment plant is actually another project of domestic sewage treatment - the wetland filter pool. This small wetland park is planted with cannas, mosaic reeds, yellow iris and other plants, covering an area of ​​about 200 square meters. There are several wetland filters like this in Dongjiangzui Village. These green oil plants have not only improved the water quality of the groundwater and river channels in the village, but also beautified the appearance of the village and enhanced the quality of life of the villagers.

Today, the sewage in Dongjiangzui Village is mainly discharged through solar energy sewage treatment, micro-power and other equipment. The effluent standard can reach the national first-level comprehensive discharge standard of sewage after being tested. Through this solar energy treatment station, the current domestic sewage treatment rate in Dongjiangzui Village has reached 100%.

The ecological facilities have been established. How to maintain them is what ordinary people in the village need to learn and improve. To this end, the village asked a representative from one of the villages to specifically organize a study in Tongzipu Village.

Kong Qinggao took us to the theater square where the village is being renovated. In the past, the square was full of construction waste, and the activities of ordinary people did not interest. "This stage will be completed before and after the Spring Festival." Kong Shihai said. When thinking of the Spring Festival, you can participate in cultural and entertainment activities on the beautiful stage of the stage. Kong Qingga laughs with a smile.

It is understood that in Xihu District, in addition to Dongjiangzui Village, ecological sewage treatment projects have also been established in villages such as Wujia Village and Lingshan Village near the Sanjiang Confluence Office in the town of Shuangpu, and 68% of administrative villages in the region have implemented rural sewage treatment. The villages that are heavily polluted have basically been cured.

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