What feng shui problems should be paid attention to when purchasing houses?

With the rising house prices, many people only look at the price when buying a house, and others do not pay attention to it. This is unfavorable for house feng shui and real estate feng shui. Everyone should remember that the principle of Feng Shui cannot be violated. What feng shui problems should be paid attention to when buying a house? Let's take a look at the house feng shui from below.

1, can not buy the main bedroom bed in the northwest is the kitchen or outdoor large transformer house.

2. It is not possible to purchase houses that use electric appliances for a long time in the northeast, northwest, south, and west.

3, can not buy a bed in the southwest, southeast, north, east of the door or garbage road.

4, can not buy the door is facing the other family and there is no Mingtang in the middle of the house, because this pattern is not good fortune, and can not be resolved.

5, can not buy a house without corners or irregular houses, if you want to choose an independent house, do not choose a house on the slope, and the independent house can not be a ramp in front of the door, because the road will be straight, but the gas passes If you do not enter, you will not be able to gather money.

6, can not buy the main bedroom bed in the southwest is the bathroom or garbage road house or the front door can not be anti-bow water, because the anti-bow water is a retreat, the best situation is the road in the skirt, surrounded by s The house is also known as the "jade belt waist".

7. You can't buy a transparent house, because the transparent glass curtain building is only suitable for an invisible office, not suitable for home. If used to live at home, it is the word "diarrhea": in addition to people's restlessness, flustered, it is easy to make family members often squabble, women at home are also prone to affair.

8. It is not possible to purchase two houses with high and low middle and low. When the same house is being built, it should not be made into a shape that is raised from the front to the back or from the left to the right, because it is not conducive to the health of the home and will hinder the fortune of the home.

9, can not buy a round house. The place is round and round, and the circle is active. The square is quiet. The home should be quiet and should not be moved. Therefore, the round star is best used as a shopping mall, not as a home.

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